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Sandgate Vt Bike Ride ~ Oct 15, 2015

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

Hi Canes

A nice turnout on a chilly morning for our bike ride into Vermont. Some of the EZriders joined the Crooked Canes for this outing..Jack counted 17 riders, I got 19....we compromised...18....Jack and Susan, Donna and Peter, Charlie and Karen, Fred and Joan, Diane and Kurt, Glen, Don, Fran, Pat, Neal, Peggy, Maria, and Ken.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, and it wasn't long before outer layers were shed; the steady upgrades on the way to Sandgate, especially on the hard dirt sections, helped keep us warm too. This is truly backroad biking, with rural Washington County, NY, and Vermont in near peak fall foliage....hard to point a camera without taking a wonderful shot. I'll add a few, I'm sure some of the other folks have some to add also. Btw, this is Kurt's home turf, he informed us that he grew up just 1 mountain over from our lunch stop in Sandgate, VT. I was able to get a couple photos of the normally shy Kurt.

Thanks all...a great day! Ken

10/15/15 - Kurt Wisell added 2 photos.

16 photos

Charlie and Fran ck out Tom Gibb's mail Tom!

Beautiful Vt....serene, quiet.

Kurt....and beautiful Vt

Village of Sandgate from our lunch, manse and schoolhouse.

Yup... Kurt.


Really Kurt!


Church in downtown Sandgate

Private covered bridge

Arlington Vt Covered bridge

Home of artist Norman Rockwell, now a BandB

Sign on a sugar maple.

Just a lovely day!

Two covered bridges and historic buildings kept the shutters just a flyin'! Ken photographing his flock emerging from the last covered bridge with the Rockwell home in the background - added by Kurt

During the last two miles, nobody could locate Ken until, rounding a bend in the Battenkill, we spotted him quietly meditating (or dreaming up captions to go with donkey pictures) along the soothing stream. - added by Kurt

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