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Henderson Lake Bonus Outing ~ Sep 26, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell for Tom and Don

After cancelling our Henderson Lake outing this summer, what a welcome surprise it was to hear from Peter last week that Tom and Don were champing at their bits to schedule a bonus outing to Henderson Lake - SOON! Tuesday's weather looked like it could be the day we had hoped for in August to repeat last year's very successful trip, so anticipation quickly built.

It came to pass that the weather, with full sun, almost no wind, temperature in the low 80's and warm water for a nice long swim, along with color presenting itself in the lush foliage, made the day as phrased in some of Kurt's New England vernacular, "more perfecter than anyone figgered it cud be."

Kurt and I arrived at the Upper Works parking area early to lug our boats to the put in and get back in time to help everyone else. When the caravan arrived, I was disappointed that nobody needed much assistance as they strapped on wheels, piled in their gear and trotted the quarter-ish mile to the dam. Speaking of dams, damn!, no more strength training for me today! One reward of being a Crooked Cane is going on an outing known to be spectacular and seeing the reactions of people joining us who have never been there before and equally gratifying to be in the company of veterans who, over many years, have developed especially fond memories of a place and to feel their gratification at being back.

From the dam, we retraced a familiar path along the shore toward the lean-to near the north end of the lake. Initial reports of landing near the lean-to for lunch were discouraging but Peter The Explorer (a close relative of Dora) found a nearby location with firm footing and our traditional lunch location worked out coinciding EXACTLY on the stroke of noon. Phew! What a relief!

Lunch was a long, leisurely period of entertaining conversation that, were it not for more exploring and a highly anticipated swim, would have lasted much longer. Off we went toward the south end of the lake. The wind came up a bit and those of us who had been there last year and experienced an after lunch gale worried we were in for it again but it never blew too hard and died out quickly leaving us the serenity we had hoped would continue. Kurt, Kathy and Glen headed for a nice swimming spot where they heard and owl while the rest of us continued our paddle, spotting and hearing a pair of loons, pileated woodpeckers and a king fisher. Two herons were also around, keeping a close eye on us.

All too soon, the swimmers had swam (who'd have thought September 26th would be a perfect swim in Henderson Lake!), the paddlers were all stroked out and we headed back to the dam for the outbound portage to our cars. Once again eager to build muscle helping to lug boats and gear, I had only to easily haul my own.

To Tom and Don, thanks so much for wanting to go to Henderson. To Peter and Linda, thanks so much for your efforts in making it happen. And to all, thanks for the wonderful memory!

9/27/17 - Sandy Powell added 7 photos. 9/29/17 - Wanderer . added 19 photos.

33 photos

On the water, just leaving the put in.

Lunch at the lean-to with, L to R, Glenn, Diane, Tom, Linda P., Don, Linda F., Peter, Kathy, Sandy, Bob, Kurt

A plaque in the lean-to commemorating Crooked Cane Marianne Vernon's late husband.

Tom paddles past a log where a guardian goblin poses just over his head.

Two thirds of the swimming contingent getting ready to rejoin the fleet. It sure felt good!

In my 36 years of teaching I developed acute mind reading ability and could detect, two days in advance, a kid's thought of firing a spit ball. I used the same technique to capture this image of Peter, the Golden Boy (in his mind's eye AND actually not an entirely incorrect image), leading us off on today's adventure.

All that remains of the cottages (except for one that has been restored) along the road just before the Upper Works trail head.

Launching the boats near the dam. - added by Sandy

Photo added by Sandy

Photo added by Sandy

Photo added by Sandy

View from our lunch spot. - added by Sandy

Peter and Linda, is there a body under that yellow tarp? - added by Sandy

Wheels made the quarter mile walk to the launch site much easier. - added by Sandy

Indian Pass Brook on the portage – just downstream from the outlet of Henderson Lake and just upstream from where Calamity Brook, originating at Lake Tear of the Clouds, join and become the Hudson River - added by Wanderer

Blanket of moss in fall colors on a lichen covered rock - added by Wanderer

Driftwood lined bay - one of many along the shore of the lake - added by Wanderer

Diane performing the seated version of the Chicken Dance Polka to the delight of Bob and Kurt - added by Wanderer

Mountain Ash seeds on a moss and lichen covered rock - added by Wanderer

Mountain Ash was abundant and in full bloom - added by Wanderer

Cathy enjoying the day - added by Wanderer

Look who we got to join us on the paddle today - Don - forcing a smile! - added by Wanderer

Linda P and Glenn in one of the many driftwood lined bays - added by Wanderer

Tom checking out the view of Wallface - added by Wanderer

Storytelling time at the lean-to - added by Wanderer

Looking south from the shore in front of the lean-to - added by Wanderer

Searching for soil - added by Wanderer

Deciding which way to grow - added by Wanderer

Looking NE (L to R) - Wallface, Marshall (center foreground), Algonquin & Iroquois (center horizon), Colden to the far right - added by Wanderer

Bob with the entrance to Santanoni Brook located over his head - added by Wanderer

Quite the arrangement - I take pictures and Linda pulls the canoe! - added by Wanderer

Linda P. on the carry - added by Wanderer

For those of you who decided not to join us because of the carry - here is what the path looks like - not bad at all. - added by Wanderer

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