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Moxham Mountain - Mostly A Hike ~ Dec 12, 2013

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

Though not quite winter just yet, today's Moxham hike was the Canes first "wintery" outing of the year. 7 degrees at 6 am in Lake George, 12 degrees when we left WCMC, chilly in Minerva and 16 degrees when we left for home at about 2.45. There were snowy roads, sand trucks out, snowbanks here and there and 4" to 6" of snow in the woods. The sun was strong and the wind calm - for the most part. A perfect winter day. Everything went great until we reached the Black Bear in Pottersville whereupon there was a distraction. Somebody I won't mention but whose first initial is Barbara dropped the D word. Donuts! Indeed. This stimulated a quick trip to Valero ostensibly to use the rest rooms but resulting soon thereafter in a box of donuts being passed from car to car at the Black Bear. Donuts have fat and fat is energy so implementation of this important safety measure to keep everyone's energy level up thus avoiding any instances of hypothermia was more than justifiable for all concerned. Microspikes were perfect in the snow. In the title I mentioned it was "Mostly A Hike" because one individual insisted snowshoes were de rigueur and so it was truly partly a snowshoe, the first official Crooked Canes snowshoe of the season after all, and deserving comment. After reading this Peter's probably commenting profusely right now. Otherwise a sunny and wind free day, we were greeted by a stiff cold wind at the summit and most - the smarter, less obstinate of those among us - retreated to the woods for lunch. Still a pleasant day with increasing clouds and snow showers visible in the distance, our walk down was as enjoyable as our walk up. Undoubtedly more warming than the donuts was the camaraderie of Ray, Peter, Neil, Jo-Ellen, Lynn, Fran, Barbara, Katie, Karen, Lenore and Joanne. Thank you all for making today another special and memorable trip to Moxham!

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Taking a Break - added by Wanderer

Snow Decorated Cairn - added by Wanderer

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Moxham Mt. - added by Wanderer

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I really felt badly that the battery in my camera was dead yesterday. So here is a pic of your trip leader relaxing at home after the hike. - added by Kurt

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