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Rush Pond Hike ~ Dec 12, 2014

Journal entry by Don McMahon

The day turned out better than Thursday with layers of clouds and intermittent blue skies that provided a dramatic background to the recent snow clinging everywhere to tree branches, all making for a winter wonderland view of nature. I seem to get there only in winter, but then the views of the pond are better and the bus are less. Nine souls made the transition to Friday for the nearby Hike to Rush Pond. I had heard that the trail was now marked officially but what we found were colored ribbons hanging from trees to mark the main thru trail. Most of us managed fine with microspikes although at times snowshoes might have been useful. Along some portions there was evidence of prior hikers who kindly broke in the trail for us.

Starting from the parking lot at the north end we went as far as the bridge over a narrow neck of swamp just west of the Queensbury high school property, a very pretty spot with a spectacular view to the north toward French Mtn. That location was also dramatized by a couple of flights of ducks that Ray didn't quite manage to photograph. (No other signs of birds during the day!) However it was deemed slightly too early for lunch, so we retraced our path to use up time, eventually finding a log to sit on in the woods for lunch. A pleasant, not-too-cold day for enjoying winter (which indeed hasn't arrived yet!)!

12/18/14 - Wanderer . added 13 photos.

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Starting out - added by Wanderer

Bridge crossing - added by Wanderer

New snow - added by Wanderer

Clearing trail obstruction - added by Wanderer

Don never told us that this was going to be a bushwhack! - added by Wanderer

Welcome back Joanne - just like you had in the Far East! - added by Wanderer

Winter scene - added by Wanderer

Reflection - added by Wanderer

Where are we having lunch Don? - added by Wanderer

Winter Wonderland 1 - added by Wanderer

Winter Wonderland 2 - added by Wanderer

Linda out in front - added by Wanderer

Along the Hudson, downstream from the Spier Falls Dam - pic taken on the way home. - added by Wanderer

Don, our leader for the day. Thanks to him the week wasn't a washout. - added by RayB

The purpose of this picture is to dispel any and all rumors that Joanne was eaten by a Burmese Python during her recent solo trip to Myanmar and beyond. As you can see, she is alive and well. Welcome home Joanne. - added by RayB

Margie and Peter enjoying the beautiful winter landscape. - added by RayB

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