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Snow Day On Moxham ~ Dec 7, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Weather forecasts the evening before this year's early December outing on Moxham all indicated mostly sunny sky with temperatures in the mid 30's, getting less cloudy as the day went on. The following morning's reality was a first-of-the-season drive in winter conditions, the Northway and the final half mile to the trail head sporting about an unanticipated inch or so of snow. The tail of the lake effect snow was wagging once again though the temperature forecast was in the ball park.

After some snow induced 'senior moments' at the trail head, 19 Crooked Canes were off up the trail, certain that views would clear by the time we made it to the summit. About a third of the way up, spikes began to make sense for many of us and on they went, easing the walk but rapidly becoming caked with leaves resulting in lots of scuffing and errant piles of leaves along the trail but making our steps a bit more sure, especially where ice could not be seen on rocks beneath the snow.

Not at all un-welcome on our way up, the coating of white beautifully cloaked the forest as we had not seen it for over half a year. Buoyed by advertised certainty that low grey clouds would yield to sun starting at 10 am we thoroughly enjoyed our trip anticipating special views at all of the overlooks as rewards. And special the views were, in 3D white closely resembling the inside of a milk container.

At the summit, we didn't linger long as a little breeze had picked up and we'd already seen plenty of wholesome dairy products. As we descended to a more sheltered, lower elevation lunch spot, settling in late at fifteen seconds before twelve forty three pm, fuzzy views of distant mountains and countryside began to become apparent. The towers atop Gore were visible along with ski trails facing our way. Soon, Dan, who passed us on our way down while on his way to the summit and who Lenore has encouraged for some time to put on the Crooked Canes mantle, arrived at our lunch spot and after introduction became the focal point of a cloud of questions as thick as black flies in June from all directions. Welcome, Dan, glad to have you with us and hope to see you a whole lot more.

Those having wolfed lunches and now beginning to chill in the dampness soon packed up, signaling time to get moving and off we went on the final third of our journey including a very welcome bushwhack into the expansive, four tier beaver estate noted on the trip up as now being VERY active.

Our final sprint to the finish was a lot warmer and brighter than on the way up and we all arrived at the parking lot wishing Kurt celebrated his retirement in September instead of December but feeling very good about another very fine day afield with the Crooked Canes.

12/15/17 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

14 photos

Here we mostly are! Donna & Pete, Shelly, Jim, Gail,Dennis, Katie, Margie, Glenn, Lynn, Diane, Lenore, Barbara, Cathy, Barb, Rich, Scott, Peter; not in picture are Dan (en route) and lost somewhere, Kurt

A very healthy tree. The markers were put up in 2012 ish and this one has already been almost swallowed up by the tree.

A snowy trail with nary a track!

That first nice view of the summit, looking so far away but really only a short walk to reach it from here.

Pretending to see with their eyes what the see in their minds, Rich, Jim and Barbara are as David Letterman used to say "hip-mo-tized" by the stunning view.

Gore's trails just beginning to peek out of the clouds.

This scene sure got some wild comments! But the obvious will not get even a peep here!

Ray B., we miss you a lot and wish you and your family the very best. This one's for you.

Wintery scene of the first tier of the four tier beaver dam complex - second dam can be seen in the center of the pic - added by Wanderer

Work in progress - added by Wanderer

Earlier success on a very big tree - added by Wanderer

Another tier and another lodge - beautiful dam! - added by Wanderer

Leaving the summit with a view of the long ridge where the trail is located - added by Wanderer

Diane brought along her “Chia Pet” – looks eerily similar to Kurt. She acquired her Chia Pet years ago, a prototype at the time, that didn’t sell well. If you would like to acquire a newer version – perhaps for a Christmas present - just call BR-549 – ask for Junior. - added by Wanderer

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