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Inman Pond Hike ~ Dec 20, 2018

Journal entry by Steve Mackey

We had a surprisingly warm sunny day for late December.  Thirty four of us headed out to Inman Pond, with very little snow, and with almost everybody wearing micro spikes.  On this hike, I was kind of a figurehead because Kurt and Peter were the brains behind it.  I had never actually been there, so I had to wing it on decisions on where to eat lunch, and what trail to take back.  Inman Pond has a really unique cliff, right on the northwest shore.  We all climbed up there first, and got several group shots.  We then bushwhacked around the back (led by Sam) and headed back down to the Pond.  There is a neat bank on the north shore where we were all able to spread out and eat lunch in the sunshine.  Suddenly a strange man named Giuseppe appeared out of nowhere.  He was kind of scary looking, but his kind demeanor kept the crowd at ease – perhaps because he was wearing a Santa’s hat and passing out Éclairs. 

We got back to the cars with plenty of afternoon left, so most of us drove down the hill towards Lake George.  We stopped at the parking lot just after Shelving Rock Brook and most of the crowd headed down to the Falls, and the Lake.  Peter, Kurt, and I drove our cars down to the last parking area just before the gate.  We hiked south, while the main group hiked north.  The trail along the shore was very pleasant, with some unique ice sculptures on some of the driftwood and bushes. We discovered an inner tube floating in the bay, and if we could have got to it, without getting wet, we probably could have talked Kurt into paddling across the bay.  All in all, a very nice hike, on a very nice day.

12/21/18 - Steve Mackey added 8 photos. 12/22/18 - Margie Litwin added 5 photos.

12/22/18 - Mary Knutson added 4 photos. 12/22/18 - Eric Potter added 1 photo.

12/23/18 - Scott Anderson added 5 photos.

12/24/18 - Wanderer . added 7 photos. 12/26/18 - Rich Elton added 4 photos.

46 photos

Move over Steve, there is a new Axeman in town - my name is Giuseppe! - added by Steve

All 34 minus cameraman. - added by Steve

You will have a pastry! - added by Steve

Ice bush. - added by Steve

Homeless guy. - added by Steve

Cool driftwood. - added by Steve

Same driftwood, close up. Looks like bone. - added by Steve

Lake George Bay, either Log Bay or next one to the north. - added by Steve

Nature's art - added by Margie

It was Eric's fault- seen above his head and examined by Scott along with curiously formed composite rock below the shear. - added by Margie

Mossy rocks covered with a glassy glaze. - added by Margie

Eric and Tim deep in conversation and enjoying the April-like sunny day. - added by Margie

Late December at Lake George. - added by Margie

My Nephew, Mike, finds the Catbird seat for lunch. - Added by Diane

Another of Mother Nature artsy icy creations. - Added by Diane

As the hook comes from stage left to remove Peter, Joanne, like the Tin Man, locks up in mid stride while Minna, a first time Cane, suddenly realizes she's definitely not in Kansas any more! - Added by Diane

The Indomitable Sir Thomas enjoys another trip to Inman Pond. - Added by Diane

The sun closing in on the horizon provides a perfect ending to a perfect day. - added by Diane

Rich Elton enjoying some solitude on the shore of one of the bays in Lake George - added by Mary

View from the Lake George shore trail near Shelving Rock Bay - added by Mary

Pitcher Plants frozen in time - added by Mary

Closeup of ice crystals - added by Mary

Some Canes Do walk on water - view of Inman Pond from rock outcropping - added by Eric

Steve...the bane of fallen trees - added by Scott

Herding cats - added by Scott

The Pond - added by Scott

Lenore's shadow says "go that way" - added by Scott

The perfect place to lounge in the sun - added by Scott

I have eclairs...have one... - added by Scott

Love at first sight - added by Scott

Giuseppe steals more women - added by Scott

Giuseppe...the alpha Bull Moose! - added by Scott

Photo added by Scott

Jack likes to walk on he says - added by Scott

The day before the solstice on Lake George - added by Scott

From an empty parking lot to a full one once the Canes arrive! - added by Wanderer

Tom leading the group along the cliffs below the overlook - added by Wanderer

View of the overlook from our lunch spot across the pond - added by Wanderer

View NW from the bay across from the Knapp Estate (foreground) with Pole Hill directly behind and High Nopit to its (L) - added by Wanderer

Our group lingering on one of the peninsulas near Log Bay - added by Wanderer

December 20th - Water volleyball anyone? - added by Wanderer

See ya next time! - added by Wanderer

The group tests the load limit of the bridge! - added by Rich

The ice sculpture on the stream was very aesthetic. - added by Rich

Steve attacks another trail obstacle! - added by Rich

Everyone enjoyed seeing the falls! - added by Rich

This was a combined regular and A-Team hike.  Attendees:  Licia & Steve, Joanne, Mary & Jeff, Julia (newcomer), Lenore & Jack, and their friend and newcomer Mina, Diane & Kurt and Diane’s nephew Mike visiting form FL, Sandy (newcomer) & Neil, Tom, Don, Barbara & Rich, Lynn, Margie, Claudia, Scott, Fran, Shelly, Lori, Mary, Tim, Rich E, Eric, Sam, Claire, Dan, Linda & Peter  [If I forgot anyone or spelled your name wrong please let me know – Peter]

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