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Palmer Pond A-Team Hike ~ May 17, 2018

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Mea Culpa It sometimes happens that I forget to do the absolute necessity of providing a journal description!

However my memory has failed and I simply cannot remember all the people that showed up for the Palmer Pond hike. There were about 10. We decided to do the loop clockwise, having gone in the reverse direction in the past. This gets you quickly to the scenic north shore tour - many spots to stop and contemplate the view and feel glad to be alive and able to enjoy it. And we did stop often as we worked our way around the pond. We made the short diversion at the western end to where the fishermen launch their boats, and Tom found an additional longer trail that led to a point on the west end of the pond to a shady spot where we had a leisurely lunch. Then, rather than simply return on the trail, we bushwhacked north to pick up the logging road we had used originally to get to the pond. When we returned to the cars after about 3 hours, the decision was un unanimous, we go to Stewart's ice cream, rather than Stewart's mountain! Good decision!


5/25/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 6 photos.

5/25/18 - Mary Knutson added 3 photos.

9 photos

Nice group of friends. L to R - Peter, Mary, Sam, Katie, Licia, Linda, Don, Donna, Tom - Bonnie behind the camera. - added by Bonnie

Sam and Tom doing some trail work. Thank you guys. - added by Bonnie

So quiet and peaceful. - added by Bonnie

We were able to get so close to this hut. - added by Bonnie

And Tom found us a beautiful place for lunch with plenty of seats. - added by Bonnie

And our ice cream tree. yummy - added by Bonnie

Your choice - lunch in the sun or in the shade - added by Mary

Linda having lunch and enjoying the view in her "Adirondack Lingerie" - added by Mary

Reflections on Palmer Pond - added by Mary

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