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Silver Bay Trails: Lake George Overlooks, A Waterfall and Cookies ~ Nov 29, 2018

Journal entry by Sandy Powell

Our Silver Bay Trails hike got off to a good start with 31 Crooked Canes.  Thank goodness we had plenty of space to park the 10+ cars.  Snow depth conditions varying from none to 8” made for a challenging decision on what foot gear to wear.  A big thanks goes out to Peter Fedorick and Steve Mackey for volunteering to wear snowshoes and break trail when needed.  The rest of us were able to hike with micro spikes.   After a bit of herding, everyone gathered across the street at the trail head to hear about what a treat it was to be able to hike these private trails.

Silver Bay YMCA Conference and Family Retreat Center graciously gave us permission to hike their private trails, which is rarely done.  Do take an opportunity to check out what Silver Bay has to offer at  The Silver Bay YMCA mission is to foster a lifelong sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and nurture spirit, mind, and body for all.  This year-round facility offers leadership programs, summer day camp, accommodations, family reunions and so much more. Okay, enough about promoting...

The hike started out with a 45 minute steady climb to our first overlook, Inspiration Point.  Hague Bay, Gull Bay, Anthony’s Nose and Cook Mountain were visible to the north.  After a quick break we began a short but steep descent.  Footing was tricky with the unfrozen layers of leaves sliding under the snow but everyone took their time and made it down safely, with only a few graceful fanny plants.  We won’t name those involved.  As the day warmed up we all had fun breaking off the clumps of snow building up on our shoes, sometimes as much as 6” at a time.  Luckily the clumps broke off easily. 

The trail meandered up and down and through various forest types, along a vernal pond and up to Skipper Mac’s Cairn.  We enjoyed views of hills to the west with lovely snow covered pines.  Some crazy hiker in snowshoes had to climb the four foot tall cairn and gracefully balance on the top in his snowshoes.  Quite a photo op Steve.   

After another short steep descent we stopped for lunch at Uncas Cliff’s overlooking the old Hotel Uncas, a steamship stop in the late 1800’s.  Directly across from the cliff was Spruce Mountain, maybe a future CC hike, and to the south we enjoyed seeing Huletts Landing, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Black Mountain.  Thanks to everyone that brought trail snacks to share.  As we packed up lunch blue sky began to appear and we enjoyed that ever elusive sun. 

On the return hike we did a quick stop at Uncas Falls, which was flowing quite nicely.  Our stop was brief as the warming temperatures were melting the snow in the pine trees and we were getting heavily dripped on.  We took the direct route back to the trailhead.  Our snowshoeing folks in the lead made the return much easier for the rest of us. 

Note that Uncas Cliff and Uncas Waterfall are part of the Lake George Land Conservancy (Terzian Woodlot) and are accessible to the public via a trail from the south side of Uncas Cliff.  We hiked in from the north side via private trails.

After the hike everyone gathered at the Powell’s for cookies and cheer, a nice way to start the holiday season.  How wonderful to have Barb and Bob, Gail and her grandson Eli join us for the festivities after the hike.  My, what goodies we had.  Too many to choose from.  Guess we will have to do some more hiking to burn off all those tasty treats. 

11/30/18 - Diane Wisell added 5 photos. 12/1/18 - Sandy Powell added 2 photos.

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24 photos

Group at Uncas Cliffs - Sandy & Bob, Jayne, Joanne, Diane & Kurt, Cathy, Carolyn, Margie, Linda & Peter, Nancy, Licia & Steve, Ed, Mary & Jeff, Katie, Lori, Lenore & Jack, Claudia, Fran, Claire, Lynn, Shelly, Scott, Tim, Lise, Neil, Denis (not in any order) - added by Wanderer

Steve – “King of Skipper Mac Cairn” – added by Wanderer

Uncas Falls – added by Wanderer

Unique (for us!) view of Lake George - added by Diane

Jayne! Calmly watching the world go by. - added by Diane

Lake George again, this time with Sugarloaf just below the sun, Elephant to the right. - added by Diane

Mr. Pete with Lake George, Bluff Point and frosty Spruce Mountain in the background. - added by Diane

'Shroom? Nope, it's Darth Vader! Unlike ANY of us poor old Darth is getting a little wrinkly as he ages. - added by Diane

The first steep section. All eyes are on the footing. - added by Sandy

Neil by a recent blow down. - added by Sandy

Sandy, our outing leader and hostess extraordinaire, along with husband Bob who was off camera. (or else she is leading "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas") - added by Margie

We all take a "lichen" to Licia and Lenore! - added by Margie

Diane modeling the latest winter hiking attire – added by Sandy

For Sale – hiking boots and more – all styles and sizes – call Junior at BR-549 – added by Sandy

At the trailhead – Sandy with a little bit of a history lesson and telling us the plans for the day - added by Wanderer

View N from Inspiration Point with Silver Bay and Van Buren Bay closest center, Record Hill and Anthony’s Nose horizon left - added by Wanderer

Mushroom snow-cone anyone? - added by Wanderer

Claudia playing peek-a-boo surrounded by L to R – Jeff, Margie, Mary, Steve, Jack, Katie, Lenore in the green hoodie - added by Wanderer

Yes there was some climbing! - added by Wanderer

Just a “little” clump of snow on Neil’s boot! - added by Wanderer

Black Mountain from Uncas Cliff - added by Wanderer

Sugarloaf Mountain from Uncas Cliff - added by Wanderer

Approaching one of the steep sections – Linda’s expression is priceless – I’ll let you finish the phrase she started –“Oh –xxxx!” - added by Wanderer

Lori likes a bench with a built-in thermos holder - added by Wanderer

As a way of showing our gratitude to the folks at Silver Bay YMCA for giving us permission to park in their parking lot and hike their trails we passed the hat and were able to collect $100.  A check in that amount along with a card and note will be sent to them in the near future.  Thank you to all that contributed.  Kurt and Peter for the Canes

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