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Lens Lake paddle ~ Jul 5, 2018

Journal entry by Fran Herve

Thursday was another one of those days when you hope that the predicted 20% chance of rain and thunderstorms  will wait until after 3:00 PM for every one to be back in their cars. I was also a little concerned about our group being in their boats in 90 degree weather. The forecast kept some folks away but I was pleasantly surprised to count 14 paddlers at the Lens Lake boat launch. 

 Most of the Crooked Canes are familiar with  Lens Lake and it is always a slow and relaxing paddle around the coves and through the many channels of this quiet little lake. We leisurely explored the inlets, admired the water loving plants on the bog islands,  studying the unique carnivorous plants like the pitcher plant and sundew and the rose pogonia orchid. This is a heaven for birds and we saw and heard a heron, ducks, many red wing black birds, kingfishers, swallows, eastern kingbirds.....  We sometimes found ourselves at a dead end and had to turn around. The day started warm early, the sky remained blue with just enough puffy clouds and a delightful breeze kept us comfortable.

We returned to shore for lunch at the picnic table. Jack declared that there were no leeches near the launch area and went for a swim. Some of us decided not to push their luck and go home before the rain while others chose to go explore the other side of the lake. After another hour or so on the water we packed our boats.

The sky opened up a few miles before I reached the Northway and it poured! I quickly pulled into a gas station to wait for the rain to let up. That was perfect timing!

Thank you Tom, Don, Peter and Linda, Diane and Kurt, Lenore and Jack, Linda P.,  Sam, Ray Boucher, Glen and new member Sandy M. for sharing this day with me.

7/11/18 - Fran HERVE added 7 photos. 7/14/18 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

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Peaceful Lens Lake - added by Fran

Linda and Peter enjoying the day. - added by Fran

Orchid Rose Pogonia - added by Fran

Pitcher plants - added by Fran

Sundews and other water loving plants. - added by Fran

Happy paddlers - added by Fran

Pretty little white flowers and reflection of the sky in the water. - added by Fran

Always fun to watch everyone getting ready at the launch - added by Wanderer

Decision making time – which way do we go? - added by Wanderer

One of the many beaver lodges on the lake - added by Wanderer

Growing next to a Pitcher Plant was a plant that looked like an ear of corn – is there anyone that can help ID it? - added by Wanderer

Yellow water lily - added by Wanderer

Just a pretty cove - added by Wanderer

Ray Boucher enjoying the day - added by Wanderer

Linda P - added by Wanderer

Sam - added by Wanderer

“Who needs a boat” says Lenore - added by Wanderer

Lunch (most everyone) - added by Wanderer

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