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Mt. Adams Hike ~ Oct 12, 2019

Journal entry by Wanderer

There is no hiding it – the hike to the Mt. Adams fire tower is steep and I think the mountain grew higher since the last time I hiked it back in 2014 – at least it felt that way. It didn’t matter though because we had an enthusiastic hiking team and had fun on the way – it also didn’t hurt that we had near perfect weather. The trail starts out flat, crossing the Hudson River on a suspension bridge within a few minutes, circumnavigating the northern end of Lake Jimmy next before reaching the site of the ranger’s cabin, abandoned long ago and showing its age - OK, .8 miles behind us! For the next 1.7 miles the real climbing begins and, except for a few short flat sections, is relentless as it gains 1,800’ to the base of the tower. The trail is surprisingly dry with lots of exposed rock and a mixture of obstacles to slow our progress – thank goodness for all the roots and trees that helped us from sliding backwards on the steepest sections.

We arrived at the tower, already occupied by a small group of happy hikers, including some friendly faces on an ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter’s hike. It was lunch time and we all found our lunch spots or started to make our way to the top of the tower to check out the views. While the foliage was considered past peak there was still enough color in spots to show off Mother Nature’s artistry; views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and the abandoned mining operation in Tahawus were especially vivid, perhaps because the clouds were moving in and the lack of sun. It was a leisurely lunch, about an hour, during which time we visited with one another, laughed a lot and made our way up and down the tower – some of us a few times before we headed back down the trail.

The hike down takes nearly the same time as going up; everyone being careful not to slip or fall. We regroup a few times, stopping again at the abandoned ranger’s cabin, enjoying the view of Lake Jimmy from a few locations and an extended break at the suspension bridge. This was a really nice hike and perhaps one that we shouldn’t wait another five years before scheduling again. Oh – I almost forgot – we regrouped one more time – at the brand new Stewart’s in Chestertown!

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35 photos

Peter is interviewing two fantastic young hikers. - added by Eric

Photo added by Eric

Lori shows Peter the view... - added by Eric

Lori gives up - the view is great in every direction! - added by Eric

Jayne and Leo ascending - added by Eric

Photo added by Eric

Jayne and Rachel cross the Hudson - added by Eric

Our route to Mt Adams fire tower. Red marker is the location of the observer's cabin. Round trip was 5.2 miles according to my GPS - added by Eric

Welcome to the trailhead! - added by Wanderer

Crossing the Hudson River while testing the carrying capacity of the suspension bridge. - added by Wanderer

Lake Jimmy from the bypass trail - added by Wanderer

Remnants of the old boardwalk and a view of Lake Jimmy - added by Wanderer

Brief break at the abandoned ranger’s cabin - added by Wanderer

Letter tacked to the wall inside the cabin from a previous tower attendant – note that he used to climb the mountain in a mere 45 minutes from the parking lot! - added by Wanderer

Kurt taking a nap in the ranger’s cabin in preparation for his attempt to break 45 minutes to climb the mountain. - added by Wanderer

The trail varied quite a bit – from a walk in the woods …. - added by Wanderer

…. to some steep sections …. - added by Wanderer

…. to somewhere in-between! - added by Wanderer

Linda is smiling so she must be happy - added by Wanderer

Rachel – you may want to step out from underneath that leaning tree! - added by Wanderer

Gail on the trail, nearing the top - added by Wanderer

View SSW (partially zoomed) of the mountains in the Indian Lake/Blue Mountain area with Snowy Mtn. dominating horizon C (32mi) - added by Wanderer

View SSW at the abandoned Tahawus mining operation with Lake Jimmy bottom R, Lake Sally foreground C, and the flooded quarry lakes next in line, separated by the tailings pile. Note the airport runway to the R of the quarry and Lake Sally - added by Wanderer

View W at Lake Henderson with Santanoni Mtn. (slides) L and Panther Peak R. Henderson Mtn. rises from the W shore of Lake Henderson in front of Panther Peak - added by Wanderer

View NE – Algonquin/Iroquois Mtns. L, Colden C and Mt. Marcy R, Calamity Mtn. foreground C - added by Wanderer

Summit cone of Mt. Marcy with Mt. Skylight far R - added by Wanderer

Partial group pic at the tower – L to R – Eric, Carolyn, Leo, Rachel, Cathy, Lori - added by Wanderer

On the descent! - added by Wanderer

Color above with sunny skies returning - added by Wanderer

Looks like someone trimmed this tree - in front of the ranger’s cabin - added by Wanderer

Clouds moving over Lake Jimmy near the end of our adventure - added by Wanderer

Rest stop on the shores of Lake Jimmy - L to R - Linda, Leo, Lori, Cathy, Gail - added by Wanderer

Back in Lake George – Kurt finds his truck has been nicely decorated! - added by Wanderer

by Rachel - view of group from big boulder anchoring west side of suspension bridge - added by Eric

by Rachel - Gail, Leo, and Eric taking a break on the descent. - added by Eric


Eric, Rachel (newcomer and Eric’s sister visiting from Wisconsin), Gail, Lori, Kurt, Scott, Linda F. Cathy G., Carolyn J, Leo, Jayne, Peter

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