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Cook Mountain and Cheer ~ Dec 12, 2019

Journal entry by Sandy and Bob Powell

Grizzle Ocean was not to be.  So off to Cook Mountain we went, 21 Crooked Canes in all, despite the chilly forecast of highs in the low 20’s.  Mother Nature cooperated with sunny blue skies and warmer than forecasted temperatures.  The overnight dusting of snow gave beautiful visual relief to the previously snowless woods.  Bob decided to mix things up right at the start and took the group along the previously active beaver pond.  We merged back with the main trail and began the steady assent up the side of the mountain.  On the way up our fearless trail maintenance enthusiast, Steve, with aid from his protégé, Eric, finished clearing a large log that Steve started on last year, yes, it was that large.  “Beaver Woodchips” were flying everywhere and hikers had to beware.  At the top we enjoyed clear views of Ticonderoga and Vermont Green Mountains to the east.  Claudia began rattling off all the peaks so out came the PeakFinder app and sure enough she was right on.  Who knew that the Long Trail had so many peaks named after presidents?  Off we went to the southern view overlooking Lake George with Anthony’s Nose/Record Hill in the foreground and Black Mountain 15 miles down the lake.  The sheen of the sun reflecting off of water seepage on Roger’s Rock Slide could be seen through the bare trees just off to the right temping folks bushwhack to it.  Regrettably the community of Heart Bay and private land are in the way.  Maybe, with permission, we can hike Roger’s Rock from the back side another day.  After a light lunch in the somewhat warm sun and with a great view everyone was eager to get on to the next adventure of the day, regrouping back at the Powell's to enjoy cookies and cheer.  How nice to have Kurt join us for the festivities after the hike.  My, what goodies we had.  Too many to choose from.  Guess we will have to do some more hiking to burn off all those tasty treats.

Happy Holidays!

12/13/19 - Sandy and Bob Powell added 3 photos.

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26 photos

Folks enjoying the eastern overlook: Jayne, Shelly, Mary, Lynn, Bob, Jan, Jim, Eric, Claudia, Scott, Diane, Margie, Steve, Tim, Pete, Terry, Glenn and Jeff. Missing from photo: Linda, Kim, Sandy

Jan and Jim

Margie modeling her cold weather hiking gear and enjoying the view.

Steve, Jeff and Mary demonstrating how to hang a pack in a tree.

Claudia and Shelly

Diane and Glenn

Terry, Linda, Eric, Tim and Scott

Chipping away! - added by Sandy

Terry pondering whether it is safe to pass. - added by Sandy

As the last of us left the lunch spot the sun went behind the clouds and the wind started to pick up. We couldn’t have timed it much better. - added by Sandy

Our route on Gaia GPS - added by Eric

Nice hardwood slopes near base of mtn - added by Eric

The Canes -- out to lunch! - added by Eric

Jan and Jim on return hike - added by Eric

Canes descending. - added by Eric

Breaking through to the summit after a long climb - added by Scott

Steve giving a woodsman demo. Is this like sawing off the limb you are sitting on? - added by Scott

Loitering in the woods....move along folks, there's nothing to see here.... - added by Scott

Bob...leading the way - added by Scott

Peter demonstrating proper microspiking technique.... - added by Scott

Regrouping at the end of the flat section – it’s all up from here! - added by Wanderer

Sandy leading this group - added by Wanderer

View NE from the Vermont Overlook – the northern end of Lake George bottom R with the southern end of Lake Champlain in the center with Ticonderoga sandwiched in-between. International Paper Plant center left with Snake Mountain (VT) just beyond on the horizon - added by Wanderer

Lunch with everyone in their nests - added by Wanderer

View of the slides of Rogers Rock through the trees - added by Wanderer

On the way down – Linda in the lead on this section - added by Wanderer

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