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Pillsbury Mountain Fire Tower ~ Sep 21, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

PILLSBURY MOUNTAIN HIKE A small group did an unusual Cane’s hike to Pillsbury Fire Tower. How unusual, you ask? We hiked on Friday, we took ‘alternate’, scenic routes THREE times, we didn’t eat lunch until after 12:30, and newly retired Cliff hiked with us. AND we were thankful for all the unusualities. The mountain is past Speculator and seemed to be past human contact until we had to squeeze aside on rough, narrow logging roads to allow passage of huge trucks. We were also surprised to see several cars when we finally arrived at the trailhead. The trail is short and steep, through a lovely woods, enjoyed by rough grouse as well as several groups of hikers. By the time we reached the bald and grassy top we had shed layers and had seen the sun come out through the leafy canopy. We enjoyed lunch, the 360 view to the misty mountains, Indian Lake, and Cedar River Flow, and the increasing sunshine. The cab and the ranger cabin are in some disrepair, but beauty surrounded us, sitting in the spruce bowl of bedrock and feathery grasses with friends. The trip down was less strenuous, but required careful placement of poles and feet on the frequent steep sections. We did stop to admire a large old beech tree which had successfully overcome the ‘environmental resistance’ of a huge boulder. Peter led the way home by way of Gilmantown Rd., and of course a Stewart’s stop in Northville was mandatory. Jack and I thank Karen, Jim, Peter and Cliff for joining us on another fire tower adventure.

9/26/12 - Jack & Lenore Reber added 5 photos.

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Well, shall we climb this thing? photo by Cliff Lee - by Jack & Lenore

Cloudy, but still inspiring photo by Cliff Lee - by Jack & Lenore

Lunch a long way down. photo by Cliff Lee - by Jack & Lenore

Too shallow to swim, but good for splashing our faces. photo by Cliff Lee - by Jack & Lenore

Almost back to the trailhead. photo by Cliff Lee - by Jack & Lenore

"Strap yourself to a tree with roots" (Bob Dylan lyric) photo by Cliff Lee

On the Trail - by Wanderer

Looking North at Indian Lake - by Wanderer

Who are those little people? - by Wanderer

Looking South Towards Sacandaga Lake and Lake Pleasant (not to be confused with Sacandaga Reservoir) - by Wanderer

Looking NW - Cedar Lakes and More - by Wanderer

The Gang at the Firetower - by Wanderer

Just Some Blowdown - by Wanderer

We Missed the Wind - by Wanderer

Survival - by Wanderer

Crossing the Jessup River on the Perkins Clearing Road - by Wanderer

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