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Mt. Adams Hike ~ Sep 27, 2014

Journal entry by Wanderer

I hope that everyone had a chance to take advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and did something outdoors - even if it was a drive for some leaf peeping. Our group of eleven were fortunate to be able to hike and watch from the car to see Mother Nature's artwork in progress. Cathy C., Cathy G., Diane and Kurt, Lynn, Barbara, Joanne and Jim R met me at the WCMC and we were off at 8:15 as scheduled. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive but what a ride it was. Once we got past Warrensburg we knew we were in for a treat with many of the trees in full color. Turning onto 28N and heading towards Newcomb the views and the colors were even more spectacular with the morning sun accenting the tree tops as we traveled the often winding route. The stunning roadside views continued as we turned onto Blue Ridge Road and then onto the Tahawus Road to the trailhead parking where Karen and Joe Burka were waiting. The lot was full so the road's shoulder had to do. Signing the trail register and taking the group picture didn't cause any delay and in a few minutes we were crossing the Hudson on the new suspension bridge - allowing the crossing to be much drier than just a year ago when it was still under construction. Next came the newly routed trail around Lake Jimmy - another appreciated improvement. The trail continued nearly flat until reaching an old abandoned shack just before the trail veered sharply to the left to begin the climb to the fire tower and the "up" part of the route. I warned everyone that the trail was steep but it didn't make it any easier on the legs and lungs as we gained ~1,800' in the remaining 1.6 miles to the summit. Roots and trees helped of course but it was still a challenge in many places and the steep was unrelenting! It had been a few decades since my last visit and I know that the mountain grew some and the trail steeper. As some of us approached our limit we met a couple of hikers coming down and Joanne asked them "Are we there yet?" - and they truthfully said we were - with only ten minutes left. We arrived at the base of the tower to find it crowded with members of the Hudson River Hikers - and more people to visit with. Conversation was alive with enthusiasm from people returning from the top of the fire tower and the spectacular views awaiting us. Needless to say we lingered, enjoying the fruits of our labor, with some of us making a couple of trips up the tower. The views from the top of the fire tower, or from just several levels up, were expansive and breathtaking with one of the best views of the High Peaks from any mountain in the Adirondacks. We did spend extra time at the summit but eventually got underway for the return trip - that LONG, STEEP descent! I don't know how the small trees and roots survive the abuse they receive from all the hikers but they sure come in handy to prevent any major falls. A few of us have some battle scars to remind us of the descent - others only some mud. We finally reached the trail junction and the flats again where Kurt, Joe and Karen were waiting for us. Apparently they had some extra time on their hands and found some fresh moose tracks heading on the trail to Lake Sally and Allen Mt. and asked if anyone wanted to follow them and check out the lake - another .9 miles. Despite a no vote we found ourselves following Karen and Kurt towards Lake Sally. We made it to the shores of the lake - mooseless! I think I heard the moose just off trail laughing at us but can't be certain. We did an about-face and headed back to our cars. With a short stop at the old McIntyre Furnace, a remnant from the days of iron smelting at Tahawus, we were finally headed back and another beautiful fall ride through the central Adirondacks. I would judge the colors to be at or near peak in some areas with time still remaining to enjoy breathtaking views - don't wait too long though. Peter 9/29/14 - Wanderer . added 20 photos. 10/1/14 - Diane Wisell added 9 photos.

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Trailhead Pic

Bridge Crossing of the Hudson

Group crossing the new suspension bridge - added by Wanderer

A bit overloaded? - added by Wanderer

Nice bridge! - added by Wanderer

Our destination - the little white box to the right of the high point. - added by Wanderer

Northern end of Lake Jimmy - added by Wanderer

Bay on Lake Jimmy - added by Wanderer

This one is for you Ray! - added by Wanderer

Some of the less steep part - added by Wanderer

Pete - are we almost there? - added by Wanderer

Yes we are! - added by Wanderer

Looking North - L to R - Iroquois Peak, Algonquin, Colden, Marcy - added by Wanderer

Lots of color - added by Wanderer

Looking West and Henderson Lake - added by Wanderer

Looking SSW - Jimmy and Sally Lakes and more - added by Wanderer

Allen Mt. - added by Wanderer

Tahawus mines and tailings - added by Wanderer

The Descent - added by Wanderer

Where is that moose? - added by Wanderer

McIntyre Furnace - added by Wanderer

McIntyre Furnace - another view - added by Wanderer

Ever the consummate travel agent, Joanne enlists Jim to validate her opinion for a glowing review of cabins on the Mt. Adams trail. - added by Diane

Thanks to this trail steward's efforts, bugs were few and far between. - added by Diane

Peter conducts yet another 10 second interview and discovers ties to the Crooked Canes. - added by Diane

A fun bunch for lunch! - added by Diane

The tough climb is quickly forgotten once the chocolates come out! - added by Diane

Karen and Joe make a discovery on the "bonus" moose track hike. - added by Diane

Diane and Lynn still looking peppy at the end of the day. - added by Diane

Jim with another great trip under his belt. - added by Diane

McIntyre Furnace - added by Diane

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