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Rock Lake ~ Oct 8, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

What will Cane memories be of the hike to Rock River? Some will remember red patterned hobble bush leaves, others scalloped, ivory fungi. Some had intimate contact with mud or rock. But we all will remember the sunlight filtering through glowing red maple leaves and the file of friends walking through a tunnel of leafy branches on a warm October day. Along the way we encountered a slow moving toad and heard a loon. After three and a half miles twenty-one of us found perfect lunch perches on a grassy bank or comfortable rock. Across the stream we noticed a beaver dam under construction. Damming Rock River did seem like a formidable project. On the way back we added one more treat to the hike, a short bushwhack to Rock Lake. Folks explored the sand and pine needle beach, discovering some interesting tracks and enjoying the view of Blue Mountain behind sun sparkled water and autumn painted hills. All of this, intertwined with laughter, welcoming Tony and Marian, and reconnecting with friends, made this hike memorable for all of us.

10/9/15 - Lenore and Jack Reber added 2 photos.

10/14/15 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

10/14/15 - Margie Litwin added 2 photos.

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21 is a lucky number

trail buddies

luxuriant hobblebush

multi-patterned hobblebush leaves

over or under ?

fall fungi

comfortable rocks for lunch

comfortable lunch bank

beaver slide and partial dam

leaving lunch

avoiding the mud

choosing the mud

Blue over blue

Rock Lake beach

still hungry!

still hungry!

another memory - along the long rock

another memory - looking up

another memory- looking down

Rest stop - lots of green remaining along the trail - added by Wanderer

Filtered light - added by Wanderer

Lunch along Rock River - added by Wanderer

Color - upriver a bit - added by Wanderer

Downstream from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Mushroom of course - added by Wanderer

Newcomer - Anthony from Altamont or just "Tony" - added by Wanderer

Newcomer Marian and Lenore - added by Wanderer

Lots of color along the shore of Rock Lake - added by Wanderer

Vibrant colors! - added by Wanderer

Rock River - added by Margie

Sandy beach at the shore of Rock lake - added by Margie

Viewing 57 of 77 - 2015


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