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Rochester Hollow Hike ~ Oct 15, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

Attendees please post your pics - narrative to follow.  Peter

10/20/16 - Fran Herve added 5 photos. 10/25/16 - Barbara Zuccaro added 5 photos. 1/28/17 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

22 photos

Remnants of Col. William Rochester's estate - added by Fran

Walking through gorgeous forest of giant oaks, maples and beeches - added by Fran

Peter explains how to read the trail markers direction - added by Fran

Lunch at the lean-to - added by Fran

The blue trail lead us to John Burroughs monument - added by Fran

Our hiking group: Rich, Shelley, Cathy, Linda, Fran & Peter plus Barbara the photographer. - added by Barbara

Peter in the middle of a tree that has divided 7 ways! Have been told that this happens when tree has been cut and many branches grow out of the old trunk. - added by Barbara

Rich, Shelley & Cathy - added by Barbara

Beautiful Rock Walls throughout the property! - added by Barbara

Photo added by Barbara

Perseverance - added by Wanderer

The gate is open! - added by Wanderer

Fancy culvert - added by Wanderer

Well marked trails - this one is for a spur trail - added by Wanderer

The following series of pictures are of some of the stone walls along the trail (1) - added by Wanderer

Stone wall (2) - added by Wanderer

Not only stone walls were visible but stone structures as well (3) - added by Wanderer

Stone wall (4) - added by Wanderer

Stone wall (5 of 5) - added by Wanderer

Colorful canopy - added by Wanderer

Another stone wall - this one using some mortar, was located below the site of the former Rochester Estate a.k.a. Rose Hill - added by Wanderer

On the way out - Barbara leading the way - added by Wanderer

Attendees:  Barbara & Rich, Fran, Cathy C, Shelly, Linda & Peter

Viewing 59 of 79 - 2016


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