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Bass Lake thru Hike or Walk Amongst the Fungi ~ Sep 21, 2017

Journal entry by Wanderer

What a super hike for 19 Canes to spend on the last day of summer!  The weather was perfect with temps in the low-mid 70’s, blue sky with a few scattered clouds to give it some character.  I didn’t have time to scout the trail ahead of time and was a little concerned that we would encounter blowdowns like we did back in 2015 but the trail was in terrific shape.  At times we were treated with a red blanket of freshly fallen maple leaves barely covering last year’s decaying crop and in other areas a fresh covering of pine needles from the high concentration of mature white pines in this part of the Hammond Lake Wild Forest, soft under our boots.  Then there were mushrooms – in all my years hiking I do not recall seeing such numbers and variety.  There were single ones, large ones, small clusters and very large clusters growing on stumps, dead trees or in the middle of the trail – you get the picture - there were LOTS of mushrooms!  After about 1 ½ hours of easy hiking we saw the glimmer of the Bass Lake’s eastern end and 15 minutes later we arrived at our lunch spot on an outcropping on the southern shore – exactly at noon!  If you want to give me credit for good scheduling I will accept but personally I think it was just luck.  Two things were missing though – the noon whistle and snakes!  Yes, back in May 2015 we arrived at the same lunch spot only to be greeted with water snakes.  Without them, everyone was able to find a much closer location to the shore to enjoy lunch and watch the Rebers, Denis and Scott get in their last swim for the summer – but they are diehards and we do have some warm fall days ahead so don’t be surprised to see pics of them on future hikes!  It is only a two mile hike out, with some gradual downhill but the trail was wide and allowed for better visiting so we took our time with a short stop at the old dam at the outlet of Gero Pond near our cars. With only a shuttle of cars to finish the outing we called it a day – an early one at that.



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A unique one! If you eat this, you'll be singing and seeing Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds! - added by Diane

Herding cats!

Let the adventure begin - our destination is actually "B"ass Lake

Just one of the MANY mushrooms on our route

Just a nice woods walk

Cascade - Berrymill Brook


First view of Bass Lake - from its outlet

Unique colored mushroom

The Clarendon Gorge Humanoid (disguised as Scott) has invaded Bass Lake from Vermont - Jack has no idea just how much danger he is in

Lenore - our very own water angel

Lunch on the rock ....

.... or on the shore!

Western end of Bass Lake from our lunch spot

Gero Pond (Black Brook) above the dam

Gero Pond cascade, near the end of our journey

Attendees:  Scott, Glenn, Linda & Peter, Jo-Ellen, Gail, Diane & Kurt, Shelly, Denis, Ed, Margie, Lenore and Jack, Cathy C, Lori, Barbara, Peggy and Lynn

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