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Schroon River Paddle ~ Aug 29, 2013

Journal entry by Donna & Dana Westcott

The Great 25 Caners

The Schroon river was a test,
for the Crooked Canes at their best.
With Tom in the lead at the start,
and few listening to his calls to depart.

A great fleet of 25 strong,
with voices and fears to belong.
The currents made the kayaks to flow,
and colors and paddles as we know.

Boats went sideways in a dash.
And elderly hearts moved in a flash.
But further down the course we went,
calmness was ours as God sent.

Lunch was early before twelve o'clock,
as was needed for this gnarled flock.
But out of a bag was a sandwich to behold,
pastrami from Jim as we were told.

Did anyone enjoy this magnificent beast?
None but Peter who enjoyed the feast.
Onwards we went with low fat food,
hoping the river would help our mood.

Old man river met us with time,
and the many curves were not sublime.
But joy with friends we did fare,
knowing fondly that they will be there.

8/30/13 - Donna Westcott added 3 photos.

8/30/13 - Donna Westcott added 1 photo.

8/31/13 - Ray Bouchard added 24 photos.

8/31/13 - Ray Bouchard added 2 photos.

9/2/13 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

38 photos

Schroon River Paddle start - added by Donna

Magnificent beast of a sandwich - added by Donna

Swim Spot - added by Donna

Just Going With the Flow - added by Donna

So I walked up to this silly goose and offered it a chunk of my homemade bread slathered with natural peanut butter and homemade blackberry jam and you know what it did? - added by Ray

Back off! I only eat salad greens. So reluctantly, I did. - added by Ray

Our group is gathering for lunch. - added by Ray

And the sign points the way to the best seats in the house. Sadly, we never saw a moose. - added by Ray

Dana W., co-leader, took lots of pictures while we sat having lunch. - added by Ray

Don chatting with Joanne and Margie. - added by Ray

Jack relaxing in the refreshing waters of the Schroon river. - added by Ray

Margie and Joanne striking a pose for the camera. - added by Ray

Eric relaxing in his kayak while he waits for lunch to end. - added by Ray

Jim on the Schroon. - added by Ray

Rose was in the lead most of the way in her sleek kayak. - added by Ray

Lenore and Kurt horsing around. - added by Ray

Cathy C. paddling in the shallows. - added by Ray

Dale enjoying the view. - added by Ray

Diane W. paddling. That's Jim R. in the background. - added by Ray

Joanne, our social butterfly, chatting with Claire this time. - added by Ray

Donna W., co-leader with her husband Dana, enjoying a refreshing dip. - added by Ray

Fran, relaxing in her new Perception kayak while she cools her tootsies in the river. - added by Ray

Peter paddling solo, sans Linda. Unfortunately she had to work so he was forced to use nondescript inert ballast to level the darn canoe. The good news is that she will be returning to Canes events soon and none too soon either. Peter can get awfully rowdy when she's not around to reign him in. - added by Ray

A group of Cardinal flowers along the shore. - added by Ray

A closeup of the Cardinal flower. - added by Ray

Bottoms up. I'll bet most of you can recall the name of male hairdo that was said to resemble this pose. - added by Ray

A painted turtle enjoying the warm sunshine. At least that's what I assumed the smile on his face meant. - added by Ray

My traveling companion stayed with me for at least 15 minutes while I paddled downstream. He,she,it didn't seem to mind the rhythmic motion of my wrist. Finally, it had enough of my picture taking and bid me adieu. - added by Ray

Lynn getting ready to board her kayak. - added by Ray

Kathy trying to make her way to the lunch bunch with beverage in hand. - added by Ray

Lining up for a maneuver - added by Wanderer

Jim R in the lead! - added by Wanderer

Lead .... and they will follow .... - added by Wanderer

... and follow! - added by Wanderer

Dale in her bullet boat .... - added by Wanderer

and Jim I in his ocean going Kayak! - added by Wanderer

Margie taking a break. - added by Wanderer

We're leaving - too crowded here! - added by Wanderer

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