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Hackensack hike & picnic ~ Sep 25, 2014

Journal entry by Donna & Dana Westcott

Twenty five Crooked Caners were at the Westcotts on this beautiful fall day, twenty three hiked up hackensack, Donna stayed on the couch with her fractured tibia and Mary kept her company. We hiked through the village to the trailhead and up the hill to a beautiful vista looking down on the village of Warrensburg. In the distance we could see the Schroon and Hudson River Valleys, also we could see Hickory hill ski area and Crane Mountain. Afterwards we enjoyed the many delicious dishes and desserts brought by the Caners. The carnivores feverishly consumed sausages from Oscars and Jack Toney's Meat stores, the vegetarians enjoyed Donna's garden delights of carrots and spaghetti squash. Donna was able to get on the porch and it was a special treat for her to visit with her Crooked Cane friends.

9/25/14 - Kurt Wisell added 2 photos.

3 photos

Summit Silhouette - added by Kurt

The Hackensack "Motif # 1" - added by Kurt

Bike or hike? Hills no problem. He made it to the top. Dave King of Hackensack

Viewing 37 of 58 - 2014


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