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Lake Bonita hike ~ Oct 13, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore Reber for Don McMahon

Canes even hike when the hike is cancelled! Fortunately Don knew the way and we all felt like gambling against the rain. We took the new trail through an open conifer forest along the south side of Lake Bonita, reassured as the sun came out. Dale, Etta and Susan decided to stroll around the lake so we bid them a fond farewell. Then we walked up the dirt road to the prison and on to Grant's cottage. Jack heard the call to lunch, so even though it was only 11:00, we sauntered down to the overlook loved by President Grant. The distant view of Adirondack and Green Mountains was probably not too different today but warehouses, roads and other buildings in the valley brought us back to our reality. An eagle soaring overhead, fall foliage and interesting rock formations helped distract us. On the way back we heard calls for help, yelling and laughter and saw people on the roof of a prison building. Kirk called the State Police but we don't know if any action was taken. The rain started as we reached Lake Bonita, so we decided to hurry back to the cars, but it was so light we didn't get wet. Thanks to Etta, Dale, Susan, Claire and Kirk, Linda P., Bonnie, Bonita Lee (Bonnie also), Lenore and Jack for disregarding weather and not reading emails.    

On Friday, Don returned to join Tom in leading another hike at Lake Bonita. A sunny, blue-sky day allowed ten Canes to visit Grant's Cottge and return via the lake trail. The weather cooperated so they were able to hike the whole route around the lake. Linda F., Denis, Joy, Mark, Jim, Claudia, Chris, Margie, Tom and Don received the postponement message and had an enjoyable day. "Pretty views and well worth the trip," observed Tom.

10/14/16 - Joy Munro added 11 photos.

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Notice how Dale and Don have grown!

Lake Bonita, the water source for the prison.

Bonnie wants to check out the accommodations.

Good view

It was closed but Linda had been here with her family last week and learned a lot.

Cottage where President Grant died.

Former ball field for the prisoners.

On to lunch on the overlook.

Lunch spot.

Interesting info

Left building is the site of the disturbance.

Hurrying along Lake Bonita to beat the rain after a lovely and exciting walk.

Friday's group: Don, Claudia, Tom, Linda, Denis, Margie, Mark (who actually hiked!), Chris, Jim (not in photo: Joy) - added by Joy

our leaders: Don and Tom - added by Joy

at the lake: Linda, Denis, Jim - added by Joy

old glory - added by Joy

on a clear day... - added by Joy

lunch time - added by Joy

linda and denis get the good seats - added by Joy

a good time for old friends to catch up - added by Joy

Mark seeing the world as Grant saw it... - added by Joy

wild grapes on the trail - added by Joy

Mark's epitaph - added by Joy

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