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Bass Lake Through-Hike Snowshoe Trip ~ Mar 28, 2019

Journal entry by Eric Potter

This was a fun snowshoe hike for our 15 participants, despite sometimes challenging trail conditions. Temps were in the thirties and forties and maybe even fifties, with partly cloudy skies. We left a vehicle at the Caza Road trailhead, then drove to our starting trailhead on Ensign Road. There was a good amount of old snow in the woods – perhaps 20 inches. For the first 1.4 miles, the trail was severely postholed, which made for awkward footing on the hard-frozen snow pedestals. But we still enjoyed the route along Berrymill Creek, through mixed hardwoods and several impressive hemlock and white pine stands. Fortunately, when we reached the junction where the Bass Lake Trail departs from the Moose Mountain Pond trail, we left our postholers behind and had nice undisturbed corn snow conditions. We made the bend around to the northwest, spied a snow-covered pond ahead, and snowshoed out onto the very stable ice of Bass Lake. We hiked the length of the lake, enjoying mountain views and seeing many otter tracks with their unmistakable slides. We stopped for lunch on the northern bank, at the only snow-free spot along the shore.

After lunch we re-crossed to the southwest shore of the lake, picked up the yellow trail in the woods, and headed northwest downhill through mixed hardwoods and hemlock groves on an old tote road. We stopped to see the stone dam and spillway at the outlet to Gero Pond, and crunched onward through variable-crust conditions to our trailhead on Caza Road.

Some thoughts about hemlocks: this route, and many others that we enjoy in the SE Adirondacks, have extensive groves of eastern hemlocks. We’re all aware by now of the threat to these groves posed by the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid invasive insect pest. During winters when infestation is most visible we need to continue looking for the characteristic white wooly masses on the underside of hemlock foliage. If you see it, or suspect you see it, report it! Canes can and do provide significant help as spotters.

These were the hardy and friendly hikers on the Bass Lake trip: Nancy C, Ray B, Bob, Linda & Peter, Scott, Pat, Jack W, Shelly, Linda P, Margie, Licia & Steve, Gail, Eric

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Our route, around 5 miles. Red marker is stone dam and spillway. - added by Eric

The Mackeys hike along Bass Lake - added by Eric

Linda F. at lunch stop - added by Eric

birch on birch - added by Eric

We enter a hemlock grove - added by Eric

Lots of choices at the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Licia leading the way - added by Wanderer

Scott and Steve doing some trail work - added by Wanderer

Eric next to a trail ornament - added by Wanderer

Steve on Bass Lake – looking west - added by Wanderer

Margie, Nancy and Shelly crossing the lake - added by Wanderer

Otter tracks and its “slides” (best I could do) - added by Wanderer

Making a beeline to our lunch spot! - added by Wanderer

Our group pic for the day – having lunch in the sun - added by Wanderer

View SE across Bass Lake from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Waters of Black Brook rushing over the Gero Pond dam - added by Wanderer

Gotta have at least one pic of mushrooms! - added by Wanderer

This Grandpa Tree was smiling on our passing hikers. - added by Margie

Spring Sun at Bass Lake shining on Eric P. - added by Margie

Strolling along Bass Lake. Not much beats walking on a frozen lake or pond. - added by Scott

This dead tree tried to surrender by immediately falling apart, but Steve would have none of it... - added by Scott

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