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A Hike from Cat Mt. to Thomas Mt. ~ Aug 27, 2013

Journal entry by Ray Bouchard

We dropped off 2 cars at the Thomas Mt. trailhead and then all 7 of us piled into the remaining 2 vehicles to drive to the Cat Mt. trail head. It reminded me of a high school dance in a way; 4 women in one car and 3 guys in the other. It was only mid-morning but we could already feel the humidity so everyone stripped down to short sleeve shirts before putting on their packs. Yes, yes, we wore pants too. After all, we arenít that kind of club. It turned out to be a rather auspicious start. A mile down the trail we realized that we had 3 out of 4 sets of keys and 2 out of 3 GPSís with us as we headed to the summit of Cat. When we returned to our starting point later that afternoon we found the 4th set of keys but alas, the 3rd GPS eluded us. As a trip leader I tend to worry more about losing people along the way, as opposed to gear. 10% loss is considered acceptable but anything over that and you are drummed out of the corps, never to lead again. Naturally your reputation suffers a bit too. But, no one told me what happens when you pick up a stray along the way. We were making our way towards the cabin on Thomas Mt. when all of a sudden Katie comes walking towards us. Hmmm! I wonder if that means Iíll be getting a bonus this month? Speaking of bonuses, I mentioned in the description that there would be two on this trip and Iím happy to say that I was able keep my promise. We all had a taste of blackberries even before we started the climb up Cat and the Downy Rattlesnake Plantain orchids were in bloom, right where I left them a week and a half ago. So all in all it was a good day in spite of the heat, humidity and loss of gear. Thank you Nancy K., Sam L., Liz G., Peter F., Margie L, Fran H. and last but not least, Katie H., for joining me. Ray Bouchard

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A brief snack break on Cat Mt. From L. to R., Peter, Liz, Nancy, Margie, Fran and Sam.

Here we are at the Thomas Mt. cabin, no worse for the wear. Fran, Peter, Katie, Sam, Liz, Margie, Nancy. Notice the new paint job.

A rather unique rock cairn in front of the cabin.

A cluster of Downy Rattlesnake Plantain located next to the trail.

The checkered pattern on the basal leaves is rather distinctive. Someone thought it looked like a snake's skin.

A closeup of the flower stalk.

We spotted a lovely multicolored moss carpet along side the orange trail as we headed back to our cars.

Shore of Edgecomb Pond - added by Wanderer

Close-up of Ray's Special Flowwer - added by Wanderer

Reindeer Moss - Do we have reindeer roaming the wood's in NY? - added by Wanderer

Looking South From Cat Mt. - added by Wanderer

NW Bay, Tongue Mt. Range and Lake George Narrows From Cat Mt. - added by Wanderer

Smallest Watermelon in the World (in the palm of my hand) - tastes like cucumber! - added by Wanderer

Katie on the Edge - added by Wanderer

Traffic Jam - added by Wanderer

Walk in the Woods - added by Wanderer

Our Leader - Ray - added by Wanderer

Cabin on Thomas Mt. From Along the Trail - added by Wanderer

Group Pic on Thomas Mt. - Fran Taking a Nap - added by Wanderer

View From the Cabin - Looking South - added by Wanderer

Ray's hitchhiking friend - added by Margie

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