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Pyramid Life Center ~ Sep 23, 2014

Journal entry by Margie Litwin

With forecast sunny and comfortable weather promised, an added outing was set up for this spectacular first day of Fall at the Pyramid Life Center property in Paradox. The remote gem was explored by 6 most enthusiastic Caners. A chilly breeze and ripples on the lake welcomed the paddlers as they headed past the shelter of the island to the wooded trailhead on this pristine, largely undeveloped lake. Rich mossy carpets and a varying array of mushrooms lined the forest path south to a sunlit DEC beach campsite on Crane Pond, not a soul in sight. From our now balmy, relaxing lunchspot upon a ledge overlooking the sparkling water, Pharoah Mt peak rose at the horizon. The whirring of a pontoon helicopter cruising over the state lands briefly interrupted the silence. After a quick clean-up of some former camper litter, the return trail passed quickly with a reloading of boats at the lush shoreline. Circling to the east of the 16-acre island afforded a glimpse toward the sheltered rustic cabins and of Bear Mt and its cliffs rising from the shore-yet to be explored on a future visit (unanimously approved by all). Most were able to linger for a quick tour of some of the camp buildings including the 1890 era former hunting inn, now a camp lodge and the richly constructed 1956 log chapel, a peaceful respite in the pines. The tiny lakefront meditation refuge memorializing co-founder Fr. Robert Roos invited a lingering stay not possible today. Before leaving this 750 acre paradise bordering Pharoah Lake Wilderness, a short woodsy trek led us down to see the late season white waters cascading over black rocks of the waterfall. We said goodbye as the scarlet and orange of maples along the access road provided a token of colorful Fall splendor yet to come in the north country. Thank you to Tom, Eric, Joanne, Bonnie and Kendra for accompanying Margie this special day and to Pyramid Life Center for a gracious welcome! As their website states: "It is a perfect habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna including human." 9/24/14 - Margie Litwin added 7 photos. 9/24/14 - Margie Litwin added 19 photos. 9/24/14 - Margie Litwin added 1 photo. 9/25/14 - Bonnie Whitman added 1 photo.

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Welcoming Fall colors - added by Margie

Bundled up to start the day's adventure, island in the background. - added by Margie

Tom, Bonnie and Kendra paddle across the lake in the sun. - added by Margie

Eric and Joanne prepare to head to the trail to Crane Pond. - added by Margie

Rattlesnake plantain orchid plant along the trail. - added by Margie

Destination: Crane Pond, .63 mile through the forest. - added by Margie

Lunch at the appointed time! - added by Margie

Eric and Tom enjoying a lunchtime chat in the warm sun. - added by Margie

Bonnie and Kendra enjoy a leisurely nosh viewing the gentle Crane Pond ripples surrounded by the evolving shades of Fall foliage. - added by Margie

Short visit of a pontoon helicopter over the trees. What were they seeking? - added by Margie

A blazing maple amid the pines. - added by Margie

Could not resist stepping aside for a better view of this solitary leaf suspended above. - added by Margie

Looking across sparkling Crane Pond to Pharoah Mt. - added by Margie

Wintergreen - added by Margie

This tiny bright mushroom stood out on the softly carpeted trailside. - added by Margie

A stately red umbrella. - added by Margie

Well-placed markers guided our steps thanks to former alumni of Marion Lodge Camp for Girls. - added by Margie

Joanne finds her borrowed kayak in the warmth of the afternoon. - added by Margie

Bonnie, happy to be out paddling again before the season ends. - added by Margie

Eric embarked in his nifty Hornbeck unaided. - added by Margie

Two soaring hawks welcomed us back to camp. - added by Margie

The Treehouse stands in the shade over the stream. - added by Margie

The Meditation Cabin at water's edge. - added by Margie

Saying good bye to the Pyramid Lake. - added by Margie

Lovely trail sign. - added by Margie

Waterfall visit. - added by Margie

Rich woodsy color. - added by Margie

Looking back on a very delightful day. - added by Bonnie

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