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Sandgate Bike Tour ~ Oct 12, 2016

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

As we eagerly looked forward to this year's Sandgate Bike in conjunction with the Easy Riders, the closer we got to the appointed date approached, the farther south Mr. Weather headed. In last minute Hail Mary play by Peter, changing the day to Wednesday, Mr. Weather was fooled and the Canes scored a picture perfect fall day for our 18-ish mile tour through Washington and Bennington counties. The coolness of early morning inspired someone to dress in a VERY sartorially challenged (but functionally perfect) outfit and the first moment of someone's relief was upon meeting in Greenwich and finding two others, both similarly dressed, making the outfit de rigueur du jour. More notable yet was news of an eagle attack!

Our morning was as we had hoped, with the usual sights just as we remembered and hoped to see them. A lot of recent paving sure didn't harm the experience. The sections of the ride on dirt road were just great except for a brief worrisome moment when, approaching an uphill grade, a large pack of ferocious, huge, red-eyed, long toothed, angry dogs, capable of speed far greater than we could hope to attain (it doesn't take much to outrun us!) with ankles on their mind began a frightening cacophony as we approached. Fortunately for us, the uphill was not too steep and the hoard of dogs, actually two in number, were caged and so our ankles remained unscathed though our nerves were a little frayed. Hounds Of The Baskervilles faded in memory quick as a wink as the daunting hill we remembered loomed ahead. At the top of the climb, "Somebody" pointed out that this was but the first of two gosh awful hills, renewing concern.

"Somebody" (and everyone else) was relieved as the second awful hill came into view, finding that it was downhill, not up, and went most of the way to our lunch spot. Soon arriving at the classically idyllic old rural cemetery in Sandgate, we enjoyed a very leisurely lunch with a view and lots of silent company. Not so silent were a whole bunch of snakes (probably several thousand) shooting like rockets from the lovely fallen leaves and noisily rustling them at our approach. The dreaded, fast, tree climbing, man eating, HUGE "Sandgate Venomous Flying Constrictors" they were! Their being some distance from where our lunch in the sun was, those who didn't care to snuggle up with them remained contentedly unaware.

Nearly half of our ride remained to be rid right after lunch. With the warm sun, no breeze, good road and next to no traffic, our ride continued uneventfully as we paused frequently at our usual stopping places (including our annual visit with Buddha-On-The-Battenkill) and back to the Route 313 turnout where we had begun, all of us wishing to ignore what our legs were telling us and do it all over again.

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Peter & Linda relax after the scary, turny, steep descent into Sandgate.

Brisk morning....getting ready at the start.

Fall along the back roads of Vermont

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peter and Kurt explore the very old cemetery near our lunch stop

Sandgate Vt from the cemetary

Kurt, Fran, and Peter heading back to the highway after lunch

Mike crossing the Arlington Vt covered bridge


Peter and Fran

Lynn and Diane

Battenkill Buddha....Namaste!

Poor Ken! Recovering nicely from a previous boo-boo, Ken turns up for our ride with a more recent injury, this time inflicted by this bird, a government employee! - added by Diane

Ready to go - L to R - Mike, Ken, Kurt, Fran, Diane, Lynn, Linda - added by Wanderer

Linda and Diane enjoying a coast - added by Wanderer

Halloween is just around the corner - added by Wanderer

Sandgate Cemetery - a little past peak color - added by Wanderer

Reptilian visitor - a common garter snake - added by Wanderer

Relaxing after lunch - added by Wanderer

Covered Canes - added by Wanderer

Taking a break from their long flight south - added by Wanderer

Arlington Covered Bridge - added by Wanderer

Church and Bridge at the Green, W Arlington, VT - added by Wanderer

Norman Rockwell House - currently a B&B - added by Wanderer

New historical marker commemorating Norman Rockwell - added by Wanderer

Attendees....Kurt, Diane. Peter, Linda, Fran, Lynn, Mike, and Ken

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