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Annual Friends Lake Paddle and Picnic ~ Sep 13, 2012

Journal entry by Eric

On a crisp September morning, the sun was making its way through the mist left from a heavy overnight fog on Friends Lake. As members of the Crooked Canes arrived and brought their boats to the shoreline, a pair of Loons entertained with a dance on top of the mirror like lake surface. Getting under way, heading south along the western shore, paddlers in 26 boats easily explored the shoreline with very little wind and the sun beginning to warm the lake. A Great Blue Heron lead the way south, and the Loons surfaced many times during this part of the trip. As we approached the southern end of the lake, some Crooked Caners ventured up the inlet to view a beaver dam. When we turned back to the north, a mild, warm wind came to aid our return to the point of entry. One of the kayaks became a sailboat and we were joined mid-way by a member of the Crooked Canes who lives on the Eastern shore, so we returned with one more paddler than when we left. On shore, chefs Tom Gibbs and Pete Wood were busy cooking the steaks and lobster for all to enjoy. The size of the group had grown with many of our original, experienced members of the Crooked Canes joining to make this truly a special day. Tom counter 38 total attendees, but Irv Boyle remarked that Tom's counting was about as reliable as his ability to follow trail markers, so the number was somewhat suspect. Chuck Bennett felt this was largest number to ever attend a Crooked Canes outing. The table overflowed with additional food items, including a special cake to honor the fine efforts of Diane and Kurt Wissell on a previous event at Gore Mountain. The laughter, storytelling and comradeship was loud and joyful into the afternoon. As people packed up to leave, there were many handshakes, pats on the back and hugs. An observation easily showed that although we all enjoy Crooked Canes activities, the real reason we regularly attend is the friendship and fellowship. The final comment was that the only way to improve on this annual event, is to encourage more people to attend.


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Receiving Paddling Route Instructions From Eric - by Wanderer

Departure - by Wanderer

Now That's a Group Having Fun! - by Wanderer

Just Visiting - by Wanderer

Anita Dingman with Doris and Fred Ludewig - by Kathy

Two of our "originals" Chuck and Edythe Bennett - by Kathy

Don McMahon and Jean Vanderzee - by Kathy

Irv and Eleanor Boyle with Jean Vanderzee in the middle - by Kathy

Lobster, steak or HOT DOGS. Tom Gibbs convinced us his hot dogs were the best. - by Kathy

Tom Gibbs and Chuck Bennett - by Kathy

Our happy wanderer, Peter Fedorick, scouting out the food - by Kathy

Chuck, Eric and Diane - by Kathy

Peter Fedorick welcomes Don Pompliano as one of the newest Crooked Caners OR is Peter just happy to have found a new political ally. - by Kathy

A delicious feast. - by Kathy

Don McMahon wishing he took a bigger piece of cake - by Kathy

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