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Hurricane Mountain ~ Sep 12, 2012

Journal entry by Wanderer

The one thing that you can be certain about when scheduling an outing that involves extra driving and an early start is that you won’t attract a huge crowd - that was true this past Wednesday for the hike of Hurricane Mt. The five adventurers, three who had never climbed it, showed up at the WCMC for the 8 am start under beautiful weather conditions and excited about the day ahead. While most would view the day as nearly perfect for hiking I actually prefer some clouds to break up the totally blue sky to give it some character and contrast - but I am weird – (hey you don’t all have to agree!). Lenore and Jack were happy that the hike was scheduled since they are attempting to complete the ADK Mountain Club’s Fire Tower Challenge and completing this one moves them one step closer.

I have climbed Hurricane many times but don’t remember the trail being as rough as it was today – perhaps Irene, last year’s hurricane, helped wash out all the dirt between the stones and rocks. Regardless, we plodded along making our way “up” – I meant to tell them that the trail was somewhat steep but neither Ray nor Joanne complained any – and certainly not Lenore and Jack, they had a goal! The steepness finally subsided with an extended flat section through a wet area – thanks to all the beavers! The only problem with the flat section was that we knew that we had to gain lot’s more elevation and soon we were climbing again. I promised everyone that it would be worth it and as we got glimpses of the surrounding mountains we seem to have been energized and it wasn’t long before we were above tree line and the fire tower was spotted. As we reached the final summit area we could see the mountains of the High Peaks, the Champlain Valley with The highest of the Greens – Mt. Mansfield to the northeast and Camel’s Hump just across Lake Champlain. Whiteface, with its many ski trails, was in full view as were all the mountains of the Jay range. Lunch was extra long as we soaked up the sun and visited with a few other hikers but, as always, had to start down. Great hike today!


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