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2nd Pond And The Lucky 13 ~ Aug 15, 2013

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

Thursday the 15th of August proved to be a lucky day for 13 Canes strolling into Second Pond in Johnsburg. The day was perfect for a hike with the distinct feel of autumn in the air. The bright greens of summer have dulled, a few trees have begun to turn and the wild flowers we enjoyed earlier have now become berries and pods. Our luck, starting with perfect weather, continued and included our being greeted by an eagle perched on an island in the pond and our being entertained audibly and visually by a pair of loons. Ray was particularly lucky in that he was not completely devoured by an Olympic level sprinting porcupine, or at least that is how the story went. Peter clarified the Microwave Paradox in technical terms that only Don McMahon could understand. All in all, just a great day with 13 special folks. THANK YOU for a good time Annie, Ruth, Carol, Jo-Ellen, Ken, Ray, Peter, Donna, Lynn, Karen, Margie and Diane (who provided popcicles at the end of the hike).

8/18/13 - Ray Bouchard added 6 photos.

8/21/13 - Wanderer . added 6 photos.

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Here we are, all dressed up and ready to go!

You may need your extra strong reading glasses to find the eagle but it is in there.

As soon as the eagle left, the loons began a pretty long chorus - and stayed around for lunch.

Contented munching Canes at 2nd Pond.

Ray and Ken enjoying the day.

Frog enjoying his view of Ray and Ken.


Clintonia, I think.

Hobble brush. I never noticed that some have berries and some do not. Male and female plants? Also dramatic color differences between individuals.

Ruth & Donna having lunch. - added by Ray

Kurt, Margie, Lynn and Peter enjoying lunch by the shore. - added by Ray

Our leader, Kurt, pondering the meaning of life as he stood by the shore of Second Pond. - added by Ray

The group has gathered, noses have been counted and they added up to 13. So here we are just waiting for the signal to head back to the cars. - added by Ray

Checking out the underside of an Indian Pipe flower. - added by Ray

One of two loons that we saw on the pond. - added by Ray

Pond to the East of the Outlet of Chatiemac Lake - added by Wanderer

Nice Bridge - Hey , give me some slack - some people like taking pictures of flowers - I like bridges! - added by Wanderer

Safe Passage - Thanks Ken - added by Wanderer

Looking East - added by Wanderer

Looking West - added by Wanderer

Packing Up - added by Wanderer

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