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Greenfield Graphite Mine Hike ~ Oct 1, 2015

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

Filling in for Tom Gibbs

A nice turnout for the A Team to hike to the ruins of the old Greenfield Graphite Mine. We met at the Greenfield Community Center and caravanned to the trailhead on Coy Rd in Greenfield. Tom and Don led us up the old access road, about 1 and 1/2 miles to the mine sight. What remains is a concrete skeleton of a pretty impressive 5 story building where graphite dug from the mine was processed. Opening in 1903 as the Empire Graphite Company, it remained active until around the end of WWII. The graphite processed at the mill was transported by horse and wagon about 3 miles to the D and H railway station. We wandered around the remains of the old mill imagining what life must have been like for those workers, so far off the beaten path, drawing mine cars of graphite from 200-300 ft inside the mine. A short way up the mountain from the mill Don located one of the mineshafts. Hard to tell what the mill site and mine looked like with so much now overgrown reclaimed forest, but I don't think any of us wished for those 'good old days'. Today's attendees: Tom, Don, Ed, Jim R, Jim I, Pat, Mike, Clair, Kirk, Denis, Anita, Barbara, Linda, Sam and Ken.


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At the trailhead....Jim I, Linda, Sam, Clair, Anita, Tom, Don, Pat, Jim R, Mike, Ed, Denis, Kirk, and Barbara.

Stream crossing along the trail

The old mill remains appear out of the forest and we begin to explore

Furnace probably used in the graphite processing


Sam tries to get a peek inside the shaft, but mostly filled with water.

Black graphite flakes

Archive pic of the Empire Graphite Mine

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