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3 Day Getaway to Pyramid Life Center and Thursday Picnic ~ Sep 7, 2017

Journal entry by Margie Litwin

Even with the changeable recent weather, 8 Crooked Caners headed for overnight stays of 1 or 2 nights way off the beaten path at Pyramid Life Center in Paradox. On Thursday, an additional 11 picnickers joined the fun. The leader, a long term attendee and volunteer at the center arranged for the visit with gratitude to the director and staff. Daily routine back home was left behind. With only 4 other human guests at the property, all enjoyed a freedom to explore the lake, the inviting structures and the surrounding area along the scenic trails.

Mother Nature provided ever-changing diversity of weather from sun to clouds to rain over and over, keeping all guessing what to plan next.  We all found plenty to keep us happy. Only one unnamed individual got caught in a downpour kayaking, but returned to the beach, broad smile on her face!  Somehow while paddling, she kept hearing thunder which mysteriously halted when she stopped paddling. 

A loon family, parents instructing the youngun to fish and to rise and beat its wings in preparation for flight lessons, provided their ongoing display and narration each day.  Great blue herons, kingfishers, deer and smaller fauna shared the outdoors including the fish that Larry watched underwater by the dock while diving to clean up lost fishing lines.

It was difficult to choose a favorite spot from the quiet lakeside path to the comfort of the screen porch, the short hike up to the ledge overlooking the lake vista or the waterfall, filled by the recent rain. Each person chose a favorite bedroom in the old lodge with either a lake view or other desired attribute, spaces holding hidden memory of past guest visits dating to the 1800's.  A hoped for hike up Bear Mt. awaits a repeat visit another time without dark clouds above. 

Peter kindly provided his outstanding slide presentation of Adirondack Adventures, complete with soundscore, narration and expert graphics to a most appreciative audience including Sr. Margaret, there on her time away from North Philly responsibilites. We each will add several of his destinations to our personal wish lists.

Yummy food abounded with each new arrival contributing to the generous choices. It seemed that gastronomy may be a prerequisite for joining the Canes. The well-equipped kitchen and spacious dining hall allowed ease of meal duties and the chance for leisurely visiting.

Activities included a Rowboat Rodeo with wranglers recruited to retrieve runaway craft, which had swept across the lake prior to our arrival. A powerful wind had evidently separated rope, cleat and screws from the dock (repaired better than new).

Picnic day arrived with breezes inviting only one appreciative paddler, as others chose jaunts on foot. As all gathered back together, Tom was found to pass the "torch" of chief Hotdog grilling expert to willing Jim B. Thus Tom was free to enjoy the company of lovely wife, MaryAnn. (Stay tuned for More in this entry.) The large gazebo Treehouse situated over the tumbling stream was the perfect setting to share companionship and delicious food and a lovely dry weather interlude.

Some lingered as the weather continued to cycle, greeting a new arrival, there to participate in a weekend "Silent Retreat." There was discussion whether any of our Canes could comply. All agreed that the destination was well chosen and hopefully anticipate a return another time.

9/11/17 - Margie Litwin added 12 photos. 9/17/17 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

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"Bad weather always looks worse through a window"- Tom Lehrer. Who cares about a fickle forecast! - Margie and Peter on the entrance road to a secluded gem of a destination.

Pyramid Wetlands - added by Cathy

Rowboat round-up - added by Margie

Happy paddlers Jan and Jim - added by Margie

K.P. Duty Peter, Pat, Fran and Cathy - added by Margie

Peter discusses his slide show with Jan, Jim and Sr. Margaret - added by Margie

Hey, we've been there! - added by Margie

Larry models the latest in beach attire. - added by Margie

Peter, Cathy, Pat, Jan and Jim visit the waterfall - added by Margie

Asters signaling the waning weeks of summer. - added by Margie

We made it up to Marian Ledge to see Pharoah Mountain beyond the lake. -Peter, Jan, Cathy and Fran and photographer Jim - added by Jim B

Grill ceremony-passing of the grill spatula from Tom to Jim - added by Jan B

A favorite camp trail - added by Margie

The adventure ended with a sun-bathed parting vista. - added by Margie

Stay in a room, cottage, lean-to or even a yurt! - added by Wanderer

A little drizzle didn't dampen the spirits - added by Wanderer

The Cane's gladiators with their rain shields - added by Wanderer

Watching Larry's bubbles while he scuba dives in front of the dock - the world's most boring spectator sport - added by Wanderer

View of Pyramid Lake and Bear Mt. from Marian Ledge - added by Wanderer

Pyramid Lake and Pharaoh Mt. on the horizon - added by Wanderer

Cathy behaving badly - bell used for emergencies only (she didn't really ring the bell but wanted to) - added by Wanderer

Dale forced in by a short t-storm - added by Wanderer

Food prep in the dining room - added by Wanderer

Three lovely ladies - Jan, Linda and Fran - added by Wanderer

Lunch in the treehouse (clockwise) - Linda, Jan, Lilly, Mike, Tom and Maryanne .... - added by Wanderer

.... Susan, Linda P, Jim, Pat, Cathy, Denis .... - added by Wanderer

.... Dale, Fran, Margie and Nancy. - added by Wanderer

Tom and Maryanne celebrating 60 years of marriage with a kiss - congratulations to both of you! - added by Wanderer

After lunch - crew working hard - well, most of them! - added by Wanderer

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