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Hour Pond Trip ~ Sep 6, 2012

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Can you picture this? Nine Crooked Canes: Don, Tom, Peter, Diane, Joanne, Karen, Nancy, Jack and Lenore, hiking from Old Farm Clearing along the old carriage road on a cool morning, wondering how the rest of you are doing. Jack and Peter dropped off the shuttle car while we began to walk. We passed the farmhouse ruin, hidden by tall, white wildflowers and came to the intersections for Botheration Pond and 11th Mountain, but we took the right trail to Puffer and Hour Ponds. The trail was a bit bushy, but soft underfoot, gently falling until the sound of rushing water alerted us to the delight ahead: rushing waterfall and cascades with many inviting pools. We resisted the temptations and continued to the Hour Pond Trail junction. We admired fungus along the way, but photographed few because Ray had done such excellent work on the reconnoiter hike. Fresh, berry-filled scat warned us to be on the lookout. We came to the junction of Hour and Peaked Ponds, and all decided that the hike was so lovely we would continue as planned, and return here after lunch. We passed an elfin moss-covered campfire ring, stepped along an aged beaver dam holding back a fish and frog filled shallow pond, gazed in wonder at a sunning baby garter snake, and made our way up the hobble bush encroached trail to Hour Pond. All enjoyed lunch with a view of pond, mountain, and a few colorful trees, and several thrilled at swimming with newts in a clear, sparkling lake. The way back was mostly downhill, with one major steep section soon after joining the trail to Peaked Pond and Thirteenth Lake Beach. Sighting the lake, crossing the bridge, pausing to admire the view or take a quick swim at the huge rock a mile from the beach, and a quick, heavy rain shower all gave us the energy to finish the hike in record time. Lenore and Peter surged ahead to get the shuttle car while Jack searched for his hat and took a swim. The others relaxed after an 8 mile tiring and delightful hike.

9/8/12 - Wanderer . added 10 photos.

10 photos

Rootside Break - by Wanderer

Peaked Mt Brook - by Wanderer

Amazing Survival - by Wanderer

Just One More Mushroom - Help Me Out Here Ray - by Wanderer

Nancy With Her Pet Rock - by Wanderer

Trailside Beaver Pond - by Wanderer

Trek Along the Dam - by Wanderer

Destination - Hour Pond - by Wanderer

Birches Along the Shore - by Wanderer

Thirteenth Lake and Balm of Gilead Mt - by Wanderer

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