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Paddle & Picnic Sacandaga ~ Aug 8, 2013

Journal entry by Karen & Leon Barnish

Challenging the threat of rain and T-storms 24 folks met at Karen & Leon's camp in Edinburg for a kayak paddle and to enjoy a yummy summer picnic. The rain drops held off, not a drop fell upon the group as we zig-zagged the 3 mile trip down to Sinclair Point, and reversed the paddle back to the camp beach. After the logistics of unloading and parking vechiles was over the group spent several hours enjoying the paddle. The sun came out, the breeze was light and the water calm. A great day for an enthusiastic group to play in water. We had 3 Jim's, 2 Karen's, 2 Peter's, 2 Kathy's, George, Bob, Ruth, Jill, Mike, Jan, Jo, Fran, Anita, Diane, Kurt, Rose, Tom & Irv. Hope I got everyone. The kayaks seemed to go back on the cars much faster as everyone was hungry. Before lunch several people even got in a refreshing swim enjoying lake. The pot-luck lunch was excellent. From the burgers, chicken and dogs to the cole slaw and variety of gormet salads, brownees, cookies and ice cream, the group feasted. It is fair to say a good time was had by all. Thank you for joining Karen & Leon and sharing the day at camp. Photos will be coming.

8/13/13 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

12 photos

Rose - it works better if the paddle is in the hands! - added by Wanderer

Prior To Launching the Boats - added by Wanderer

Mike (I think) - added by Wanderer

Fran in Her New Kayak - Maiden Voyage - added by Wanderer

They're off! - added by Wanderer

Looking North at the New Batchellerville Bridge - added by Wanderer

Karen the Tuber - added by Wanderer

Irv - added by Wanderer

Picnic Pic 1 - added by Wanderer

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