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Friends Lake Paddle and Picnic - an Open Letter from Edythe and Chuck ~ Sep 5, 2014

Journal entry by Wanderer

Greetings fellow caners,

It is rare that I write an extra journal entry but there are situations when exceptions are justified – like this one.

For quite a number of years, Tom and Eric, along with their wives Maryanne and Suzanne, schedule the Friend’s Lake Paddle and Picnic. This event has always been well attended and allows many of the Caners who are unable to participate in the regularly scheduled outings a chance to gather and meet some of the new troops and visit with one another – reminiscing about past adventures.

A couple of weeks after this year’s event Tom asked me if I thought the annual Paddle/Picnic was getting “old” – boring perhaps. With attendance averaging around 40 for each of the past several years it would be difficult for me to tell him that he was right and of course I told him no – that everyone looks forward to it each year and are grateful that we are invited and would hope that he and Eric would continue be so kind and continue the tradition.

It wasn’t too long afterward that Tom brought up the subject again but this time showing me a beautiful card and letter from Edythe and Chuck Bennett thanking the “team” for offering the event. Tom also receives a note from Jean Vanderzee each year expressing thanks but he was unable to put his hands on it to share with me. Of course there are the many who express their appreciation at the event or in emails but this was something special. After I read it I suggested that he allow me to post it in the journal as an “open” letter to the rest of us and with their permission, it is included below.

I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did – it certainly dismisses any of Tom’s concerns and reflects just who the Crooked Canes are all about – not just an informal group of people with similar interests but an extended family.

Thank you Edythe and Chuck for sharing such a wonderful letter with us – Peter, for all the Crooked Canes.

“September 28th, 2014

This is a (really) belated thank-you for the wonderful get-together at Friend’s Lake with the Crooked Canes. We both enjoy it so much. You are a perfect host team. I don’t know how you manage the weather!

Chuck shows me the pictures of recent outings which he conjures up on his iPad mini, a magic device. The Jabe Pond expedition brought back memories. A while back (B.C.C., B.C.B) Lillian Bull and I explored thoroughly (there were ripe blueberries on the island). We must have been able to drive all the way because we had my canoe which I thought was lightweight since it was 20 lbs. lighter than my old canoe, the one I used to make my kids carry. (I carried the lunch) and Pyramid Lake! I’ve trespassed there, but I have walked across it (you didn’t know, did you!)

I know the current participants enjoy the Friends Lake gathering but it can’t compare to the happiness it brings to us “retirees.” Thanks a million!

Edythe & Chuck”

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The image above is a copy of the card sent by Edythe and Chuck. It is a reproduction of an original painting, “Summer Reflections,” by Lynn Benevento and is included with her permission. Lynn is an exceptionally talented local artist (and fellow caner) working solely in acrylics. Her gallery is located on the right-hand side of Bridge Street in Lake Luzerne – just before you cross the Rockwell Falls Bridge into Hadley. The next time you are visiting that area stop by and say hello and view her original paintings, note cards, and selection of matted and framed prints or check out her website:

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