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Noonmark and Round Mountains Hike ~ Sep 28, 2015

Journal entry by Wanderer

Monitoring the weather for outings is an ongoing process and is often frustrating because forecasting, even a few days in advance, has become so unreliable – that was the case with this hike. Just before going to bed on Sunday night the forecast for the Keene Valley area called for partly cloudy skies; however, by early Monday morning that had changed to mostly cloudy and a 30% chance of rain. A more detailed examination of the hour by hour forecast showed that we might be able to squeak the hike in so the decision was made to go – a good decision in hindsight. The WCMC parking lot at 7:30 was nearly empty and it was just a coincidence that I followed Ray and Margie into the parking lot to meet Gail. The plan was for an immediate departure so we loaded up the car and off we went.

Normally, this time of the year we expect to see lots of color but everything was green no matter where you looked – until perhaps the wetland along the Northway north of Warrensburg. Continuing north there were some tiny areas of color here and there and some larger areas of muted browns but nothing to brag about. That’s ok – it wasn’t raining! After a quick stop at the High Peaks Welcome Center before exit 30 we were back on the road and heading past Chapel Pond and to the trailhead parking lot where Diane and Kurt were waiting. It didn’t take long to get ready and our group of six adventurers were on our way. The golf course of the Ausable Club was mostly brown from the lack of rain – except for the greens which stood out in vivid contrast. It had been a long time since I had hiked Noonmark and I didn’t remember too much about the Stimson trail but the memories of Gail, Margie and Ray filled me in that it was steep – ok, I remember that. We couldn’t figure out what Ray had added to his thermos of coffee but we all wanted some – but couldn’t catch him to ask him for a sip. His pack was the usual 50 lbs but he was out of sight most of the time. The first mile is very gradual but the next 1¼ mile to the top is steep – all the way. Views from the overlook below the summit were great but the views from the top were super. Thick clouds hung over some of the peaks but there were enough that were clear to keep our interest. We could see some large areas of color but most were shaded by the clouds – quite different from the conditions a year ago.

Lunch was long and relaxing with a few visitors stopping by for a short stay. While it wasn’t raining we didn’t want to tempt fate by overstaying our summit perches so we packed up and started down the Felix Adler trail for our loop route. The trail descends steeply for the first mile where it reaches the junction with the Dix trail. Here it becomes much less steep and a good thing because it started to drizzle – just enough to force us to put on our rain gear – more of an annoyance than anything. Within 15 minutes it stopped but then started again as we approached the junction to the Round Mt. trail. Here we had to decide whether to add another mile and ~750’ to our journey or continue the very gradual descent to the parking area. A quick vote and the decision was made to head for the cars – avoiding the possibility of getting wet and having too much fun for the day.

It didn’t rain anymore but we were all happy with our decision to call it a day and save Round Mt. for another outing. Diane and Kurt loved their first time visit to Noonmark and have another landmark to reference when atop of one of the many surrounding peaks. The rest of us had a great time visiting one of our favorites.


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This was not actually on the trip, but just before it. Harbinger of a good day to come. And it sure was! - added by Diane

Here we are at the trailhead. - added by Diane

These crampon scratches from winters past probably were witness to some of the loudest squeals we never heard. - added by Diane

New Hampshire had its "Old Man Of The Mountain," but here in the Adirondacks we have "The Dudes," Peter and Ray with Lower & Upper Wolf Jaw in the background. - added by Diane

Speedy Gail, silhouetted at the summit. Note that nobody else is there yet! - added by Diane

It was not long until the rest of our happy band appeared. - added by Diane

Good foliage was here and there, but one had to look for it. - added by Diane

A couple more pretty leaves. - added by Diane

First we were just the Crooked Canes. Then came the A-Team and next came the Green Team. - added by Diane

Peter in his temple, protected by his faithful Monk, Ray. - added by Diane

This one is for you Ray! We just couldn't call it an outing without some fungus. - added by Diane

A panoramic from the top of Noonmark. A bigger version is at the following address. You have to copy the address to your browser as links don't work from this page. Here's the link: - added by Diane

All smiles - added by Wanderer

On the trail - added by Wanderer

Hi Margie! - added by Wanderer

Who will win? - added by Wanderer

Curved stairway - added by Wanderer

First view of the High Peaks (Great Range) - added by Wanderer

Ray headed for the rest stop - added by Wanderer

Our destination - added by Wanderer

Another ladder - added by Wanderer

Almost there - added by Wanderer

Ausable Lakes Valley with Sawteeth in the distance - added by Wanderer

But Pete - you said we were almost there! - added by Wanderer

Kurt being Kurt - added by Wanderer

Portion of the Great Range - added by Wanderer

Big Slide (far left) with Cascade and Porter Mts (back and to the right) - added by Wanderer

Giant Mt - added by Wanderer

The Dix Range under clouds - added by Wanderer

Round Mt - saved for another day - added by Wanderer

Choices - added by Wanderer

Wetland with some color (actually it was pretty dry) - added by Wanderer

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