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Pilot Knob Mtn Hike ~ Aug 1, 2013

Journal entry by Don McMahon

As you can imagine, I checked the "storm tracker" before I set out for WCMC so was pretty sure that we were going to get at least a little wet. But so many times I have cancelled and missed a perfectly good day!

Eight of us spurned the weather report to climb the hill. But it was cloudy, cool, and somewhat muggy. We decided to go up the front to get views on the way to the summit on the grounds that we could simply turn around if it started raining. And it was a good that we did go up the front because the best blueberries were along the front trail to the summit. I think we all browsed along the way - a good way to rest a little. At the summit the breeze was front-like strong with indications of rain not too far away over the south end of Lake George. After a quick lunch we returned via the back herd path - less steep and slippery should it rain. However the rain held off until we got down to the "lower Hogtown parking lot" logging road. And those of us who put on rain gear soon took it off since the rain was less then sweat. However, since we often stopped to have Peter tell another story, we were clearly not overly worried about getting wet. A good day where most of the rain was while driving back to WCMC.

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This cute 2" long bug was struggling to make it up the steep section without much luck. - added by Ray

Donna, Bob, Nancy, Don (our leader), Fran, Rose and Peter were willing to ignore the forecast and brave the elements. As sweet as they are there was no danger of them dissolving if they got wet. After all, they brought rain gear. - added by Ray

Fran and Rose chatting during one of the rest stops. - added by Ray

Bob and Don McMahon share the same last name but apparently no genes. - added by Ray

I didn't know Don was a French Canuck. - added by Ray

Peter paused for a moment to rest after he pushed the tree over. It just goes to show you what you can do when you eat your Wheaties. - added by Ray

Both sides of the trail looked like this as we approached the summit. - added by Ray

...and they were "HUGE". - added by Ray

A view of Lake George and the approaching storm during lunch. Don wisely suggested that we eat fast. Long Island is prominent in this picture with Canoe Islands on its far side. - added by Ray

One final look back towards our lunch spot on the false summit of Pilot Knob Mt. before heading down to our cars. Unfortunately there won't be any more blueberries going this way. - added by Ray

A Varnished Hemlock Shelf mushroom at the base of, you guessed it, a hemlock tree. Audubon's Field Guide to Mushrooms was the only one of my 3 books that listed this plant. Its scientific name is Ganoderma tsugae. - added by Ray

The rock outcropping looks lovely covered with varying shades of green, in spite of the child's need to express their love for "Mom". Hopefully the thought will endure forever even if time eventually obscures the message in the moss. - added by Ray

Short Break - added by Wanderer

The Wall - added by Wanderer

A New Beginning - added by Wanderer

Deep Conversation - added by Wanderer

Lunchtime - L-R - Rose, Ray, Don, Nancy, Bob, Donna and Fran - added by Wanderer

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