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Moxham Mountain, The Half Dome of Minerva ~ Sep 24, 2015

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

"Marvelous" only hints at how good a day we had, once again, on a hike that has become for many of us as comfortable and familiar as well worn slippers: Moxham Mountain in Minerva. The weather was perfect: warm but not too much so with brilliant sunny, just a few clouds accenting the scenery and the merest, sporadic puffs of cooling wind arriving as if on cue. By far though, what made today most memorable are the twenty one Crooked Canes who participated. It was great to see folks who are regularly present, some not seen in quite a while, some who had not been on a Crooked Canes outing in many years and some who were graciously welcomed as new attendees. A few had never experienced Moxham before and by their reactions it appears quite certain that today was not their last ascent to Robert Moxham's summit and when they come back they won't be alone.

For everyone, seeing Minerva's "Half Dome" from the overlook below the summit was a thrill. The view got a lot of smiles, especially from those on their first trip. Any thoughts of being tired were replaced in a heartbeat by the anticipation of what lay ahead, even though the summit looks, from the overlook, to be a long way off and a long way up. There is some history in the December 2012 write up of this trip that may be interesting to today's first timers. Worth taking a look.

Another very good day on Moxham made very special by Rich, another Rich, Lurana, Peggy, Ray and another Ray, Susan, Linda, Peter, Donna and another Peter, Margie, Diane, Kurt, Lenore, Jack, Sam, Gail, Cathy, Lynn and Bill.

9/25/15 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

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Signed in, booted up and raring to GO!

Enjoying the view, one another and lunch.

Dos Amigos in a serious discussion.

The ring leader of Dos Amigos with two new recruits, obviously plotting some sort of fun...........

...and Diane just can't believe what she hears!

Under a corduroy sky.

The summit of Moxham. A larger version of this is at

Along the trail - Lurana in the lead - added by Wanderer

Listening intently to the wisdom of Sam - added by Wanderer

Linda leading a portion of our group - added by Wanderer

Gore Mountain and its fire/communication towers - added by Wanderer

Profile of Moxham Mt - added by Wanderer

Barton Garnet Mine with Snowy Mt in the distance - added by Wanderer

Linda, Peter, Donna, Jack and Lenore - added by Wanderer

Diane (hiding), Gail, Bill, Margie - added by Wanderer

Trouble - Sam and Ray - added by Wanderer

Why don't you get comfortable Rich - added by Wanderer

Another Rich - added by Wanderer

Cathy - first time on Moxham - added by Wanderer

Hamlet of North Creek and Crane Mt on the horizon - added by Wanderer

Blue Mt on the horizon - added by Wanderer

Looking back on the Moxham ridge - added by Wanderer

On our way out of WCMC, Jim Israel, who we've not seen in quite a while, pulled in to say Hi. It was great to see you Jim, if only for a moment. You're looking great and we hope you'll be able to paddle, bike, stroll and snowshoe with us again real soon.

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