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A-Team hike "Bear Slide Brook" ~ Aug 30, 2017

Journal entry by Don McMahon

We started at the north end of the access road adjacent to the Hudson River launch side (having missed the parking lot at the end of the brook!). I think everyone really knows that the real name is Buttermilk Brook, but I'm sure everyone knows of Bear Slide (Brook), an extended, smooth, sloping section of the brook where people slide down on their (Bare) rear ends. This is a hike that the CCs have not done for some years. The loop includes a mile walk along the access road with scenic views of the the Hudson (which is very low now!), a mile long hike with 300 ft. elevation change up a graded jeep trail, and finally a pleasurable walk down the north side of Buttermilk Brook. The Brook also had only a little flowing water so, after viewing the cataracts of the upper reaches, we could actually walk down the bear slide to the picnic tables placed just below the Slide on the south side of the brook. We had an early lunch at the picnic tables (a site memoralized by Dennis's dunked IPhone!). We then followed the trail back down to the road, and walked the road back to the cars. The hike was enjoyed by Nancy, Mary, Joy, Dennis, Ed, Tom, and Don, who, having done it again with some help is now qualified to lead the trip. Ed reported that we actually walked about 4.4 miles. It was a splendid enjoyable day that we finished off with dishes of ice cream in Lake Luzerne.

8/31/17 - joy munro added 18 photos. 8/31/17 - Denis foley added 4 photos.

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Don and Tom check to make sure we're on the right road. - added by joy

Ready to go and headed in the right direction, we all stop for a group pic. - added by joy

The road was a nice mix of sun and shade. - added by joy

But not without hazards we needed to avoid - added by joy

Buttermilk Brook helped us find the right path - added by joy

Fran, Margie and Ray weren't there to take photos of the "flora", so this is for them - added by joy

Just above the Bear Slide... - added by joy

It was a good place to stop for a minute to appreciate the area - added by joy

Tom prepares to descend the Slide - added by joy

With little water flowing, we were able to walk down the slide - added by joy

The light at the end of the slide... - added by joy

We head off back across the brook after lunch - added by joy

Tom leads the way down the hill... - added by joy

and the rest follow... - added by joy

The last leg of the trip: a stroll down the road along the Hudson - added by joy

We stop for one last snack break before the end of the road. - added by joy

Tom insists there should be a picture of me... - added by joy

We leave a monument memorializing this great day... - added by joy

Looking down the bear--or bare--slide - added by Denis

lunchtime at the bottom of the slide - added by Denis

The last break - added by Denis

Mary shows off some of the trash collected on this trip - added by Denis

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