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West River Road bike ~ Aug 30, 2012

Journal entry by Ken Gericke

Hello CCs Thursday's ideal weather brought 19 bikers to the Rogers Island Visitors Center in Fort Edward for the 10 AM start. Sunny, clear skies, low humidity, a light breeze, and an array of old friends and new foretold a special outing. Jim I. with Tom and Nancy in tow were the last to arrive at the parking lot, having stashed a couple vehicles at a picnic area on route 4, an option to shorten the RT distance.

So, off we go, over a bridge crossing the Hudson River to West River Rd, and south paralleling the Hudson. This is a scenic road with lovely river views...and along about a 2 mile section, an up close glimpse of the ongoing dredging project to remove PCBs from the river. There were many barges and cranes, tugs and shuttle craft, men busily hoisting great shovelfuls of river bottom onto the barges, leaving long wakes of brown silt to dominate the current in long ribbons. Progress, we surmised!?

With frequent stops, for a breather or to regroup our stretched out crew, we reached Bacon Hill and a long, speedy, downhill on Rt 32 before crossing the Hudson at the RT 4 bridge. Now, on the east side of the Hudson, we pedaled a hard packed, dirt road close along the water, north to our lunch stop at Lock 6, Fort Miller, on the Champlain Barge Canal. This is a great lunch location with picnic tables, bathroom facilities in the lock tenders cabin, and luckily, an opportunity to witness the lock in operation. After lunch and, as always, pleasant conversation, our troop watched the tour boat, 'Max Jakob' negotiate the lock. Great timing!

We continued on the back road through the historic village of Fort Miller, marvelling at the many restored Revolutionary War era colonial homes. Tom and I stopped at one majestic brick colonial estate. A workman/artisan informed us that he had worked on this beautiful home for 15 years, and it had been built in 1786, this is 3 years before George Washington took his oath as 1st President of the United States. He told us that the house was part of a land grant of thousands of acres, that stretched as far as Argyle...fascinating!

Due to our history lesson, Tom and I returned to Rt 4 a little behind the 'peloton'. This was where Tom, Nancy, and Will, were to retrieve the stashed cars about 1/4 mile to the south. Will and Nancy?....nowhere in Tom headed south to his car, and I pursued the group heading north to Ft Edward, finally catching Will and Nancy, and sending them back south. Funny!...kind of a 'little boy who cried wolf' moment. As leader of this ride, I'm always joking about the 'hills' or lack thereof, etc; Nancy just thought I was kidding about their heading in the wrong direction, and took some convincing before reversing course. All's well that ends well...and everyone completed the day, gorgeous weather, amiable company, and another chapter in the CC annuls.

Many thanks to all for making this a memorable day. Participants: Tom, Eric and guest Will, Claudia, Pat, Jim Israel, Jim Ralston, Ray, Fran, Lynn and guest Annie, Jan and Mark, Mary and Dave, Nancy, Joanne, and Anita.


9/2/12 - Ray Bouchard added 1 photo.

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Taking a breather on West River Rd...a colorful group!

White heron on the Hudson near Ft Miller.

Lunch in the shade along the Champlain Barge Canal at Lock 6 , Fort Miller.

Joanne, Annie, Claudia, Mark, Jan, Dave, and Mary...picnic!

Ray, Tom, Will, and Eric at lunch.

Table 2..Anita, Lynn (hiding), Jim I, Nancy, Fran, and Pat.

Hey! There's Jim Ralston!... Lock 6 gates in the background.

Gates at the southern end of Lock 6.

Lock full, at high water, northern gate closed.

Northern gates open and tour boat entering.

Water boiling out below southern gate to lower water level in the lock.

Water lowered and gates opening.

Tour boat 'Max Jakob' clearing the lock.

'Max Jakob' heading south.

Mary, Joanne, and Pat at Lock 6 in Ft Miller.

Locale of historic portage above the falls on the Hudson River near Fort Miller.

Circa 1786 brick colonial along the Hudson in Ft Miller.

Chatting during a rest stop - by Ray

A strategy meeting with Ken, our leader - by Ray

Tom Gibbs waiting for the ride to resume - by Ray

There were close to a dozen barges like this one dredging the bottom of the Hudson - by Ray

The former home of Col. Sidney Berry located along W. River Rd. He served in the Revolutionary War. He was also the first Surrogate of the County as well as the first Town Supervisor. - by Ray

A pastoral scene along the way - by Ray

A covered bridge serves as the entrance to a private home down the lane. - by Ray

Not everyone has a mailbox quite as unique as this one - by Ray

The branches of the willow tree tell it all. The wind merely added to our workout making it all the more worthwhile. - by Ray

Photo by Ray

Photo by Ray

I'm sure you can guess what was spread in the fields from the color of the stripes. You definitely knew you were in farm country when you took a deep breath. - by Ray

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