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Lens Lake Paddle ~ Jul 25, 2013

Journal entry by Wanderer

With a change to cooler and drier weather predicted for the day I expected a good turnout but not twenty-nine paddlers – yes – you are reading it correctly – 29! What a sight the residents of Stony Creek must have seen with the caravan of 25 cars winding its way through the backroads of their tiny rural town. I knew that there was adequate parking at the launch site but secretly thought that all the water would be displaced from the small lake once everyone was on the water.

Unloading of the canoes, kayaks and one Adirondack guideboat was orderly and rather fast and soon the first paddlers could be seen testing their skills and anxious to get going. Originally planned as a leisurely paddle of Lens Lake, within a few minutes I could see that it had turned into a regatta with Irv leading the way – I should have warned them that he likes to paddle fast. I made one final attempt to yell “slow down” to the group but they were already out of earshot. I think there were about 5 or 6 of us that became sweepers for the group, exploring every little bay and cove listening to Jack identify all the wetland plants that we were looking at. He didn’t seem to get angry when asked 3 or 4 times what the name was of the plant he had just told us about – he knew that next year we would ask him the same questions. There was pickerel weed, white and bullhead lilies, pitcher plants, pipewort, cotton grass and more – I can’t remember them all. Wildlife was noticeably absent with only the sound of a single loon when we first started – did our large group scare them away?

By lunchtime our small group had completed the first half of the lake as planned and the flotilla was just finishing the whole lake so to the shore we went for a leisurely lunch. There wasn’t enough room at the picnic table but the nearby rocks and dock provided adequate room for everyone to be comfortable and soak up the sun if they wanted. I was ready to get out my Granola bar but Jim was good enough to bring me lunch again – this time marinated chicken (cooked to perfection) and a corn on the cob (nice and sweet) - thanks Jim (or was his wife Iris the one I should be thanking). I think everyone should have outings catered don’t you? Later, he made the rounds with homemade cookies, and trail mix from Trader Joe’s – what a guy!

Some of the paddlers had planned to leave after lunch and since the majority had completed the whole lake they adjusted their plans to leave early as well. That was ok – there were 7-9 diehards that were going to stick with the original plan and explore the northern half of the lake. I don’t know which half of the lake is nicer but the northern half certainly has more waterways to explore and Jim was good enough to check them out for us to provide clear passage. Still, we had plenty of bays and coves to probe and we had a wonderful, slightly warmer, afternoon with plenty of time to visit, unrushed.

Lens Lake isn’t for everyone – it is small and filled with obstructions that are sometimes hard to maneuver around - looked upon as annoyances to their desired forward motion. To others, these same obstacles are treasures of miniature ecosystems that struggle to live in a sometimes harsh environment providing the observer with a close-up of their natural beauty and a reason to go slow – that is why Lens Lake is one of my favorite paddles.

Thanks for the wonderful day and special thanks to Karen Burke for being my bow person while Linda was at work at the track.


“Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” – Eddie Cantor

7/28/13 - Ken Gericke added 5 photos.

7/28/13 - Ken Gericke added 2 photos.

7/28/13 - Ken Gericke added 2 photos.

16 photos

Miniature ecosystem on a partially submerged log

Pitcher Plants and Pickerelweed

Shoreline Pic

Rare Bird or Plant?

Ellen and Todd in their Adirondack Guideboat - (I better not let Linda see this - Ellen looks way too comfortable)

Lunch Pic

At the picnic table with Joanne being herself

Some of the Canoes and Kayaks

Another Lunch Pic

Cool tree on one of the many bogs

Tom Harris on his second CC outing - he must like us!

From the launch site before the armada arrived. - added by Ken

Don McMahon maneuvers his 9 lb Hornsbeck along the shoreline. - added by Ken

Water lilies. - added by Ken

The after lunch Bunch. - added by Ken

Wood Duck box. Yes, that is Irv (89 yrs young)up ahead in the distance....and that is about as close as we got to him. - added by Ken

No outing would be complete without the participants:

Thank you - Karen, Donna and Peter and granddaughter Kaitlin, Donna and Dana and granddaughter Lauren, Jim, Tom G, Irv, Tom H, Jo-Ellen, Ray and Katie, Fran, Jack, Don, Dorothy, Doris, Anita, Rose, newcomers Ellen and Todd Downing from Saratoga Springs, Joanne, Ken, Mary and Dave, and Eric

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