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Poke-O-Moonshine Hike ~ Sep 29, 2016

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

After exploring Poke-O-Moonshine just about a year ago on a perfect fall day, Kurt and I thought that since the last time the CCs were there was in 2003, coming back to hike the "new" trail could, at worst, be enjoyable and had potential to be a home run if we were lucky enough to have similar weather. Watching forecasts starting 10 days before this outing was a roller coaster of Yay! one day and Darn! the next but when it counted most, Mother Nature pitched the perfect day.

Most of us had never been to Poke-O, a couple had been there many years before and a couple had been there since the new trail opened, the trail head located eight tenths of a mile mile south of Poke-O-Moonshine campground from where the older trail is located. Utilizing an old jeep road, the "new" trail trail, opened a few years ago is in great condition and a fairly gentle walk through mostly open hardwoods passing by two beaver ponds, one with a significant ledge as a backdrop, to where it joins the original trail at the old ranger's cabin. From the cabin, the summit is not far off and is gentle and in great condition with a couple of very fine overlooks before the summit.

At noon, after a terrific view from the first overlook, and a "Holy Moly" at the second, anticipation of views from the summit overshadowed growling stomachs and we continued on, arriving on the summit at 12:34. Getting to the summit a bit later than at the customary hour proved worthwhile as the additional time on the summit was more than welcome and well spent. Just how good was it? That question is best answered by another question: How often do Crooked Canes gobble lunch then go nearly dormant for another hour and a half? Yep, that good! Pictures will back up how that happened, why memories will linger and how from this day forward, outings will or won't be able to boast a coveted "LCF Approved" rating!

10/10/16 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

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Full of anticipation! From L-R: Margie, Gail, Lynn, Sandy, Linda, Claudia, Cathy, Barbara, Mike, Diane, Scott, LCF, Kurt, Lori, Bob. Photo by Incognito Pete.

The first viewpoint piques anticipation of what may be around the next corner.

With Whiteface prominent in the background, Barbara revels in the thought that "I was on that summit two days ago!"

With an always inquisitive audience, Peter names every high peak of the Andes.

At the summit, looking southeast-ish.

A broader view from east to southwest.

Up they go! But soon they'll be down and .......

....going near dormant in the perfect afternoon sun. Fortunately, we would soon break our torpor at Stewart's free coffee celebration of National Coffee Day.

A pensive Lori surveys her surroundings.

The Crooked Canes celebrate Margie's completion of the Fire Tower Challenge!

Dry beaver pond - evidence of a long dry spell or a major leak - added by Wanderer

The 2nd beaver pond with a little more water - added by Wanderer

Resting at the lean-to - added by Wanderer

All smiles - at the former ranger's cabin and close to the top - added by Wanderer

Red Hot! - added by Wanderer

Whiteface Mt with Esther Mt to its right - added by Wanderer

Looking south - Northway and Rocky Peak Ridge, Rocky Peak and Giant dominating the horizon (center) - added by Wanderer

Enjoying lunch .... - added by Wanderer

.... with a view of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains - added by Wanderer

Looking north towards Keesville, Plattsburgh and Canada on the flat horizon - added by Wanderer

On the way back from a wonderful hike - Scott, Mike and Kurt - added by Wanderer

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