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Mohawk Towpath Byway Bike ~ Aug 24, 2017

Journal entry by Shelly Nevard

On a beautiful late August day 7 Canes and their bikes gathered at Terminal Road on the northside of the Crescent Bridge in Halfmoon. While waiting for everyone to get ready several took a turn at riding Jim’s electric delivery bike and were amazed at how easy it charged up the hill. We took a path under the bridge and continued on an unpaved path along the Mohawk River. The route continues on the road past the former Clamsteam Tavern under the Northway and over a new bridge over the wetlands and enters the Vischer Ferry Preserve on a wide stone dust path. We followed the old Erie Canal and saw herons, turtles, lush foliage, beautiful stonework and a hovering helicopter. We passed the Whipple Bridge and continued past a mature forest to the old double lock 19. At the end of the improved path we continued on Riverview Rd. to the NY Power Authority dam at lock 7.  The majority of us retraced about 1.3 miles on the road to the Vischer Ferry General Store where we had lunch. Jim decided to explore a little and took the unimproved trail along the river back to where we previously turned on to the main road and met us for lunch only a few minutes after we arrived. He found the path to be just fine – something to consider in the future.   At this point the leader had to leave to catch a train and Peter took over the return trip.

After a leisurely lunch we decided to modify the return trip slightly by taking Riverview Rd. back to the Whipple Bridge entrance to the preserve.  The road is lightly trafficked and is bordered by a mixture of homes with manicured lawns and small farms - quite pleasant. A large gaggle of geese were feeding on the grass on the shoulder of the road at one point, deciding whether they wanted to cross the road or not.  While everyone peacefully passed them by Peter had to get closer for a better picture and they hissed at him – but he is used to that! After a short stop at the historic Whipple Bridge we retraced our route in the preserve and back along the Mohawk to our cars.  This was the first time the Canes had biked this route and it certainly won’t be the last. 



8/31/17 - Wanderer . added 23 photos.

23 photos

Welcome to the Towpath Byway! - added by Wanderer

Our greeter to the Byway - added by Wanderer

Pretty little blue flower - I think it is a Chicory(?) - added by Wanderer

Twin Bridges from underneath the Crescent Bridge - added by Wanderer

Our group checking out this amazing bike path bridge on the Vischer Ferry Preserve - added by Wanderer

I think this bridge will last a LONG time - added by Wanderer

NYS Police helicopter hovering nearby - I was unable to find out what was happening - added by Wanderer

Blue Heron feeding in the wetland along the bike path - added by Wanderer

Bridge over Lock 19 - added by Wanderer

Lock 19 - just a little overgrown! - added by Wanderer

Lock 19 historical marker - added by Wanderer

Guardian of Lock 19 - added by Wanderer

NY Power Authority dam with lock 7 across the river - added by Wanderer

View of lock 7 from the NY Power Authority overlook. Lock 7 is typically our lunch spot when biking the Colonie bike path. - added by Wanderer

Falls at the dam from the river - added by Wanderer

Ghost bike on Riverview road. Memorial to a bicyclist killed by a reckless driver. For more information please visit: - added by Wanderer

Vischer Ferry General Store - added by Wanderer

Not a bad location for lunch! - added by Wanderer

Peter's friends .... - added by Wanderer

.... safely herded away from the road - added by Wanderer

Checking out the historic Whipple Bridge - added by Wanderer

Whipple Bridge plaque - added by Wanderer

Jim with his new electric "Delivery" bike - now taking orders! - added by Wanderer

Attendees:  Gail, Linda & Peter, Ed, Pat, Jim I, Shelly

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