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Cedar River Flow - NOT! ~ Aug 14, 2014

Journal entry by Kurt

With a windy, wet, cold forecast for the Cedar River Flow I felt the weather curse was on me once again. But taking a chance on a somewhat more favorable forecast to the south and an activity more appropriate to conditions resulted in a very special day for twelve of us who hiked from the Lake George Rec Area to the top of Prospect Mountain and then down Big Hollow Road to the Village.

We enjoyed thick, low clouds and sticky air on the way up Prospect but the previous day's rain and lingering remnants resulted in a terrific bloom of fungi and brought out amphibians that outnumbered biting bugs a hundred-to-one. Well, at least for most of us.........

For our midday lunch stop (YES Mrs. Reber, exactly noon, and we certainly missed your wonderful company!) the summit of Prospect treated us well with picture-perfect clouds, a fresh breeze and great visibility in all directions made very special by the ever changing clouds and sun. Picnic tables with a view were a special treat and we all took our time relaxing, enjoying the views and one another. DEC's porta-potties, though potentially welcome amenities, were quickly shunned after one Cane's encounter in favor of the generally (but not always!) more comfortable opportunities provided by the forest.

Continuing on after lunch, Big Hollow Road provided more interesting fungi, amphibians, scenery, conversation, stories AND! the rare occurrence of an elk, encountered in an unfortunate circumstance of being distressed by bees virtually flying out of the woods onto the trail! Unfortunately, there was no one who could identify the sub-species as American, Thule or Roosevelt.

Those of us who missed the excitement with bees, were doing a little bushwhack along the Big Hollow Branch of English Brook where we were treated to some lovely views of pools, waterfalls and cascades.

Even the ride from the end of the trail back to the Rec Area was fun with successful "clown car" packing getting us all back in one trip. A truly great day salvaged from cancellation. Thanks to all of you who made it so much fun.

8/15/14 - Kurt Wisell added 1 photo.

8/21/14 - Ray Bouchard added 14 photos.

9/29/14 - Wanderer . added 9 photos.

32 photos

Ray debuts his new Eddie Bauer Mycologist's hat.

Photo by Kurt

Photo by Kurt

Jo Ellen and Cathy bushwhacking along the Big Hollow Branch of English Brook which ultimately discharges into Lake George at the north end of the Village.

Lenore, this pool is calling your name!

I really wonder what these two are thinking about at the moment.

One of a number of cascades made vibrant by rain and sun.

One of a few small water falls in the stream

We've heard of the DEC purchase of Black Spruce Mountain, directly west of the towers on Prospect. On Friday, I went there "just because it is there" and found this USGS monument marking the summit. Other than this and commonly found beautiful fauna, there are no scenic views and it adds about 3.5 miles to the trip we did on Thursday including a mile and a half bushwhack. - added by Kurt

The toughest part of the climb is over and now we wait for the clan to gather before the short ascent to the summit of Prospect Mt. - added by Ray

Finally, we begin the walk up the paved path to the top. - added by Ray

This is a test. Can you pick out the ones that don't belong? - added by Ray

Brown Knapweed is one of those aliens that has adapted well. Here it adds a bit of color to the summit parking lot. - added by Ray

The Brown Knapweed is really quite pretty when seen up close and personal. - added by Ray

Wild Thyme growing along side the road near the summit parking area. It filled the air with its fragrance when you brushed your hand over it. - added by Ray

Bottle (Closed) Gentian growing in a meadow along the Big Hollow Rd. that we used for our descent. I recently learned that the Bumble Bee is one of the few insects that is strong enough to force its way into the flower to pollinate it. Apparently the flower is closed but not sealed, which makes sense. - added by Ray

This is a large patch of Bottle Gentians growing at the far end of the meadow. I have never encountered that many in one spot before. - added by Ray

Fran identified this one as the Scaly Vase Chanterelle. - added by Ray

I shall hazard a guess that it is some type of Coral Mushroom (maybe). If anyone can ID it and any of the mushrooms that follow, please let me know. - added by Ray

Cute, but no clue. - added by Ray

Photo added by Ray

Perhaps it's not a mushroom at all, but rather a frog that sat too long in one place and molded over. - added by Ray

The end is in sight as Big Hollow Rd. makes it way under the Northbound lane of Rt. 87. - added by Ray

Getting Ready - added by Wanderer

West Brook - added by Wanderer

Lunch on top - 1 - added by Wanderer

Lunch on top - 2 - added by Wanderer

Looking south and Butler Pond - added by Wanderer

Looking NW - added by Wanderer

Million Dollar Beach - added by Wanderer

Heart Shaped Schroom (multi-layered from the side) - added by Wanderer

Stowaway - added by Wanderer

Special THANKS for a fun day to the Cathys C and G, Jo Ellen, Joanne, Ray, Sir Thomas, Peter, Fran, Lynn, Claire and Leon without who the day would be far less memorable.

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