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Blue Mountain Hike ~ Sep 17, 2015

Journal entry by Wanderer

Sometimes it is good that I have a bad memory – that way when a person asks if I remember how steep a trail is I can honestly say – “I just don’t remember”. That was the case today on the hike of Blue Mountain – I have hiked it more than a few times in the summer, fall and winter but just didn’t recall how steep it was – and ROCKY too! The trail starts out fine, following an old logging road for the first ¼ mile, but then gets progressively steeper and the rocks and exposed roots start and are relentless – all the way to the top. I should stop complaining because the day was near perfect with blue skies, mixed with some lots of poofy clouds mixed in (yes I said poofy). The temperature was in the high 70’s and with the steepness and the effort required to negotiate all the rocks and roots had all six of us sweating. With such a small group we took more breaks than usual and visited lots more and we even had time to visit with the other hikers (at least I did). There were people from Germany, Colorado, Ohio, Mass., Oregon and even a couple from Binghamton – nice to see so many people out and about. The summit was finally reached and a long lunch was our reward. There are only small glimpses of the surrounding mountains and lakes from the expansive rocky top so you had to climb at least a few sections of the firetower in order to enjoy the panoramic view. It is a very short tower but I was still unable to talk Linda into entering the cab – although she did get to the last platform and certainly enjoyed the vista. From the cab, looking west, you can see Blue Mt Lake, Eagle, Utowana and Raquette Lakes and looking slightly NW a good view of South Pond. Looking NE - Tirrel Pond and the cliffs of nearby Tirrel Mt come into view as well as a distant view of the High Peaks. Looking south, nearby Lake Durant, Rock Pond and Cascade Pond stand out with a good view of Panther Mt – blocking the view of Snowy Mt. There was a little haze in the air, perhaps because of all the sunshine but good views nonetheless. The hike down wasn’t much shorter in time than the hike up – roots and rocks all the way. Thanks to Cathy C, Gail, Margie, Linda and Kurt for sharing this wonderful day - Cathy said it best – “I’ve gone on 8 mile hikes that were easier than this 4 mile one” – well said. Peter 9/19/15 - Kurt Wisell added 5 photos. 9/22/15 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

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View from the fire tower. There is a nice panorama view at Copy this address and paste it into your browser. - added by Kurt

Young lovers as viewed from the fire tower. - added by Kurt

OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM.................. - added by Kurt

"Climbing The Stairway To Heaven" - added by Kurt

Margie and Gail watch Peter, Linda and Cathy NOT relaxing. - added by Kurt

At the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Just a few rocks - added by Wanderer

There were some flat sections too ..... - added by Wanderer

..... but the rocks were always there, around the next bend - added by Wanderer

Beautiful stairway - added by Wanderer

Mini-ecosystem - added by Wanderer

Margie stepping lightly - added by Wanderer

Well worn trail near the top - added by Wanderer

Our reward - Blue Mt Lake with Eagle and Utowana Lakes to the left; Raquette Lake in the distance; Tirrel Pond to the right - added by Wanderer

Tirrel Pond and the cliffs of Tirrel Mt with the High Peaks on the distant horizon - added by Wanderer

Lake Durant (forefront) and Cascade Pond (center) - added by Wanderer

Hi guys! - added by Wanderer

At the tower - added by Wanderer

Starting down - added by Wanderer

Linda enjoying some firm footing - added by Wanderer

Kurt and Linda - added by Wanderer

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