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Lens Lake Revisited ~ Aug 22, 2012

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hi all,

It isn’t often that I repeat an outing so soon after doing the first one but I made an exception in this case. Back on August 9th the CC’s paddled Lens Lake on a beautiful day and had a wonderful time. Irv was one of the paddlers and while visiting with him he commented that he would love to bring his wife, Eleanor, to Lens Lake to share the beauty and solitude of the place. Later that week I sent his daughter Virginia some pictures of the paddle and told her of his thoughts. Although Eleanor wasn’t able to make it, Virginia said that she would like to paddle with her father and I offered to be their guide for the day – she accepted and off we went.

Many of you know that I paddle a canoe and use an ice chest filled with water as ballast in the bow when Linda isn’t available but Ken volunteered to join us and replace the cooler with the added benefit of actually paddling! As usual, Irv took off and led the way, often getting quite a bit ahead of the three of us while we lingered and checked out the plants on the bogs that are scattered over the Lake’s surface. He would then wait for us to catch up - I can only imagine what he was thinking “C’mon - what’s keepin you guys – there is so much more to see!” - then he was off again. The water level had dropped enough to prevent us from taking the same route as a couple of weeks ago but that simply forced us into other areas that we missed on the previous trip. We played leap-frog with a couple of great blue herons and disturbed a few ducks from time to time as well. Some of the plants that were abundant only two weeks ago like the pickerel weed and common pipewort were gone but there were still lots of cotton grass on all the bogs. The pitcher plants weren’t quite as bright and had shrunk in size, perhaps from a few cold mornings, but this allowed the pastel colors of the surrounding area to be seen so we weren’t disappointed.

During our circuit we were entertained by a very big hawk being harassed by two smaller birds (Ken thinks it was a goshawk). You would think the smaller birds would be the losers in this fight but they never gave up, ignoring the hawks periodic screeching, outmaneuvering it with their small size often nipping its wings, eventually chasing it from their space. A short time later we were treated by some much larger birds – two F-15’s from the Massachusetts Air National Guard, practicing maneuvers above us. For nearly ten minutes the roar of their jet engines and periodic bright reflections of the sun on their underbodies as they banked their planes and circled kept us looking up trying to keep track of them – Irv wondered how I arranged such a show but a guide never tells all his secrets.

We continued our exploration a little longer but after two hours it was time for lunch, lots more visiting at the picnic table and then on to the UpRiver Café for dessert. Ice cream on the deck overlooking the Hudson above Rockwell Falls was a great way to close out a particularly memorable outing. On the way home I took Virginia and Irv over the locally famous Hadley Bow Bridge – the bridge crosses the Sacandaga River just south of the hamlet of Hadley. Thanks Virginia and Ken for sharing your day with me and especially to you Irv – a very special guy.


8/25/12 - Ken Gericke added 8 photos.

15 photos

The Happy Trio

Virginia and Irv

Fall Colors Have Arrived

Just After Lunch

Ice Cream for Dessert

Hudson Above Rockwell Falls - from the deck of UpRiver Cafe

Hadley Bow Bridge - circa late 19th century

Calm waters on Lens Lake, Irv leading the way. - by Ken

Hey Irv...wait for us! No way this kayaker is 88 years old! - by Ken

One of the many old abandoned beaver houses on the lake...Chateau Bievre! - by Ken

Ahhh! Stunning colors of nature...Water Lilies. - by Ken

Yellow water lily. - by Ken

Quiet, primitive, looking down the lake. - by Ken

Irv and Virginia. - by Ken

Peter, Irv and Virginia at lunch after a spectacular day. Thanks for letting me tag along. - by Ken

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