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Stewarts Bridge Does Not Disappoint Either ~ Jul 11, 2013

Journal entry by Kurt Wisell

After two weeks of everyone being steamed day and night like lobsters in a pot, the rain, humidity and heat went on vacation long enough for Stewart's Bridge to provide the Crooked Canes a welcome reward: a dry, clear, absolutely beautiful day in spite of being rather goopy early in the morning. The spirit of the day was as splendid as the weather: very relaxed enjoyment of the place and one another. Rose brought along husband Pete who performed Eskimo rolls without the aid of a paddle. Remarkable. Diane spotted an eagle on a solo exploration and a Merganser mom with 14 little ones reminding her of her teaching days reciting "There was an old ducky who lived in a shoe, she had so many ducklings she didn't know what to do........" Great fun everyone. Thanks so much for coming along.

7/24/13 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

13 photos

Rose and Pete

An idyllic channel near Stewarts Bridge dam.

The Stewarts Bridge eagle nest. Mom was seen earlier in the day but missed by most of the group.

How humid was it? So humid that even the eagle had the frizzies! Or was it that surprised to see Diane? Too bad the eagle was not able to provide a picture of Diane at that moment!

Mr. Israel at a stream entering the reservoir.

Diane, Etta and Dale Getting Ready - added by Wanderer

On the Water - added by Wanderer

Lunch Break - added by Wanderer

Just a Beautiful Day - added by Wanderer

Exploring a Cove - added by Wanderer

Where is the Little Dutch Boy When You Need Him? - added by Wanderer

Hey - Now That You Got Me Into This Kayak What Do I Do Next? - added by Wanderer

Ray and Bill Discussing the Proper Way to Load a Kayak - added by Wanderer

This was truly a fun and relaxing day made most enjoyable by the company of two Peters -one of them a new Crooked Cane, I think- accompanied by Linda and Rose, Don, Dorothy, Tom, Diane, Kurt, a new Bill and a new Jim (hope they come back!), Etta, Dale, Jim, Ray and freshly back from sabbatical, Joanne and Fran.

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