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Adirondack Lake ~ Aug 7, 2014

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Threatening weather did not deter eighteen Canes from paddling Adirondack Lake. We wended our waybehind several islands to avoid the wind, admiring homes along the way. Ducks and loons were our frequent companions as we headed for the floating bog area, which is bordered by state forest lands. We paddled up the short inlet creek, admiring the white and yellow water lilies and carnivorous sundews, while savoring the peaceful magic of stream and woods. Then we cruised the western end of the lake, searching for the clue that would identify the Reber wreck, our lunch destination. A "WELCOME CROOKED CANES" sign was a dead give-away. After enjoying lunch and Margi's brownies, Lenore led a tour of the house, cautioning folks to watch for nails, wires, etc. All agreed that the place had great potential and would keep the Reber's busy for quite a while. Increasing clouds and wind caused a hasty departure. With the wind at our backs we made quick time through the white caps to the launch site. In spite of the cool wind, Donna, Maryann and Jan enjoyed their warm water swim, a fitting end to a beautiful day.

8/7/14 - Fran Herve added 4 photos.

8/8/14 - Ray Henrikson added 3 photos.

8 photos

Paddling on Adirondack lake. - added by Fran

Thank you Jack and Lenore for inviting us to your camp! - added by Fran

Lunch in front of Jack and Lenore's camp. - added by Fran

Donna enjoying a cool day on Adirondack lake. - added by Fran

Our hosts Lenore & Jack

Lily, Pads, and Reflections - added by Ray

Lily bud getting friendly with my kayak. - added by Ray

A Tangle of Kayaks. - added by Ray

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