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Dean Farm Heritage Trail ("A" Team) ~ Sep 17, 2015

Journal entry by Joanne for Tom

The first "A" outing for Cane's! (That could be A for "Alternative" or code for "Awesome"). This is a lovely handicapped accessible cinder pathway through fields and forest in Stony Creek. It is a new, recently completed hiking venue, part of the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor and is incredibly well done. The land is owned by 2 entities: Town of Stony Creek, and ESF in Syracuse. On one side of the road (behind the Dean Farm owned by the town of Stony Creek where the parking area is located) there is a fully handicapped accessible trail, complete with accessible picnic tables, seating areas, wooden walkways and outstanding views. With few hills it is an excellent spot for an outing for people who seek the outdoors with "gentle" terrain. Across the road (ESF) there are more paths, some cinder and many more through the woods with trail markers (which our group decided require further exploration for both summer and winter outings). We were fortunate to meet up with Cathy -- the carpenter. As mentioned the wooden walkways, benches, picnic tables are impeccable and all the work has been done by two female carpenters.

Attendees: Tom, Diane, Anita, Joanne, Linda and John (Tom really used his counter for this!)
Weather, clear, sunny, 80's -perfect! "Hike" could be as short as 45 minutes, or there appears to be a lot more to explore on the ESF side of the road.

9/23/15 - Diane Wisell added 4 photos.

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Picture perfect day, 80's and sunny the first "Alternative" outing for Canes-Anita, John, Linda, Diane and Tom.

Tom sets out on the lovely board walking built for accessibility

Beautiful vistas along the way

Benches are dotted through out the pathway

Anita, John and Linda at one of the many informational signs

Lovely picnic area overlooking the creek

"Stony Creek" is aptly named!

Tom notices an esker!

An esker? Joanne jumps into the spotlight to deliver her esker lecture

Field behind the Dean Farm house

Cathy the carpenter stops and answers our many questions about the Dean Farm project

This picture is of Tom, leading the pack at the end of the hike. How could someone get a picture from in front of him if he was the fastest you ask? We set up a camera with a trip wire before the hike, knowing this would happen! - added by Diane

A picture of Joanne not requiring a real fast shutter speed. This must have been a beautiful, serene and relaxing spot. - added by Diane

The Dean family farmhouse. - added by Diane

A pastoral marsh on the property. Maybe one day we'll see a heron nest here. - added by Diane

Lovely day and we need to try some snowshoeing and x-c skiing here!

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