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FFT - Whiteface Mountain & More ~ Sep 26, 2016

Journal entry by Joanne Armstrong

Attendees - please upload any photos - narrative will follow - Pete

9/30/16 - Joanne Armstrong added 6 photos.

10/2/16 - Diane Wisell added 2 photos. 10/23/16 - Wanderer . added 19 photos.

35 photos

The "hiking" group prior to climbing Whiteface: (l-r) Peter, Lynn, Kurt & Diane, Rich, Barbara, Gail, Ray - added by Joanne

The "drivers" to the summit who visited the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge while the hikers were hiking: Joanne, Linda, Cathy - added by Joanne

Female wolf in front, male behind - added by Joanne

Pretty girl - added by Joanne

Snowy Owl - added by Joanne

Snowy Owl - added by Joanne

Someone help me out...Coopers? Photo added by Joanne

Eastern Coy Wolf - added by Joanne

Northern Goshawk (I think) Photo added by Joanne

Bobcat - added by Joanne

View from the Wildlife Refuge. That's Whiteface to the right of the tree--we were waving but couldn't see if the hikers were waving back. - added by Joanne

The "top" - added by Joanne

The "bikers" getting ready to descend: Joanne, Peter, Rich - added by Joanne

Mr. Z and his view of Whiteface from Esther. - added by Diane

Hollywood Glamour Girl Diane at the summit with Lake Placid in the background. - added by Diane

Happy Hikers at first break - an old Marble Mt. ski trail - added by Wanderer

Flexible tree or Lynn is very strong! - added by Wanderer

Gail and Kurt at the Esther Mt trail junction - added by Wanderer

Lookout Mt ski lift - newest trails on Whiteface Mountain - added by Wanderer

Well worn trail - a flat section of mostly up - added by Wanderer

Our route is straight up -- only kidding. Wall of the Whiteface Memorial Highway. - added by Wanderer

Diane - happy that we didn't have to climb it! - added by Wanderer

View of Little Whiteface and its ski lifts from the junction of the trail with the highway. Some chose to complete the last section via the road while a few of us decided to continue on the trail. - added by Wanderer

View of the summit from the last section of the trail - added by Wanderer

Town of Wilmington and beyond - looking generally SE from near the summit - added by Wanderer

Weather station and observatory on the summit - added by Wanderer

View of the High Peaks from the summit - looking south - added by Wanderer

Looking east from the summit with the Green Mountains on the horizon - Camel's Hump in the center - added by Wanderer

Just relaxing - Diane, Cathy, Linda and Barbara - added by Wanderer

More of our group - Ray, Joanne & Lynn - added by Wanderer

Looking north - Memorial Highway, Union Falls Reservoir to the left, Lyon Mt in the center of the horizon and Canada beyond - added by Wanderer

Kurt, Diane & Rich at the summit with Lake Placid in the background - added by Wanderer

Joanne and Rich on the descent - I think they said they got up to over 35 mph! - added by Wanderer

Tollbooth at the entrance to the Memorial Highway - added by Wanderer

Attendees:  Diane & Kurt, Barbara, Ray Boucher, Rich Z, Linda & Peter, Joanne, Cathy C, Lynn, Gail

Viewing 49 of 78 - 2016


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