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Stewart's Bridge Reservoir Paddle ~ Aug 17, 2017

Journal entry by Wanderer

Stewart’s Bridge Reservoir, AKA Stewart’s Pond, makes for a great paddle outing – there is lots of parking, a good launch area, picnic tables for lunch and a nice place to swim – all you need is for Mother Nature to cooperate.  With temps in the mid to upper 70’s, blue skies with a few clouds thrown in for contrast and little or no wind, it turned out to be a perfect day for the twenty that showed up for our outing.  We have scheduled quite a few paddles of Stewart’s Bridge in the past and many go directly to the launch area just west of Hadley, as was the case today, with only a handful choosing to meet at the parking lot across from the Hadley/Luzerne High School.  This works out quite well for those caravanning from Luzerne because there are always helping hands to assist in unloading boats from those waiting our arrival.  There were a couple of newcomers to our group to meet and greet but boats were already in the water so visiting had to wait. Despite being one of the last to arrive from Luzerne, Don was one of the first to be in the water and I could see him biting at the bit to get underway so I gave him the OK and off he went with others following – just like following him on a hike.  We all managed to get underway for our downstream paddle and the lead group did wait up for us to rejoin and then were off again (just like hiking).  Everyone is free to paddle at their own speed and explore wherever they want, usually congregating near Stewart’s Dam before making the return paddle to the launch area for lunch.  The water was quite still for today’s paddle and visiting was not a problem – it is considered and easy paddle and there is no rush to be any particular place at any given time.  Almost magically we were all back at the launch at a little past noon for a leisurely lunch. 

Mark, our Director of Crooked Canes Expedition Support Services, didn’t paddle today but stayed back and said that he was going to fish instead.  Linda requested that he catch lots of fish and we would love to have some freshly grilled for lunch.  Upon our return from the morning paddle Mark was seen on shore with his hands in his pockets and reported that he didn’t have any luck and that must be why they call it “fishin” rather than “catchin” – what a wisenheimer!  As if he wasn’t the only wise guy in our group I had to deal with Gail’s grandson Eli.  I love to kid around with youngins (you already know that) but when I asked him his age he responded with 52,000 – I asked him 52,000 what – hours?  he said “years” – making him the oldest Cane (but only by a few years)!  Despite bribing him with Gummy Worms he never did tell me his real age – another wisenheimer! 

With lunch over, some packed up and headed for afternoon commitments while most of us returned for the paddle upstream to the Conklingville Dam and a chance to see the eagle that has been known to feed in the area.  The water was still calm paddling upstream but we did have a power boat come by a couple of times to produce some light wave action – the biggest excitement of the day.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see an eagle today but the paddle was most enjoyable.  The upstream paddle is shorter than the downstream paddle so it wasn’t long before we returned to the launch area. Still early, packing up was not rushed and there was lots of time for swimming and more visiting making for a wonderful end to the day.  Thanks everyone – hope you had as much fun as I did.



19 photos

Entrance to the public boat access to Stewart's Bridge Reservoir

Most of the group waiting to start - where is Don?

Karen just chillin!

Mary - first time at Stewart's Pond

Barbara and Jim - I told you this was a leisurely paddle

Joy enjoying some shade

Nearly at the turnaround point

Better turn back now!

Gail with her grandson in the cargo hatch - thus his new nickname "Hatch"

A visitor from Schenectady paddling her folding kayak - will this be the solution for those who no longer want to cartop their boats?

Wisenheimer Mark

Unloading for lunch

Part of our group having lunch

"Most" of the remainder of our group having lunch - unfortunately I forgot that Cathy and Fran were at another table having lunch - sorry about that

Al in front with Jan and Jim following in their tandem kayak. Hold on now - where is your paddle Jan and what are doing with your arms outstretched? Are you using one of those new "invisible" paddles?

Bonnie, Don and Karen - proof that Don was actually paddling today!

Conklingville Dam and the power plant

Glenn - first time at Stewart's Pond

Jeffers Mountain


Gail and her grandson Eli (newcomer, AKA "Hatch"), Jan & Jim, Karen & Leon, Cathy C, Margie, Fran, Don, Bonnie, Glenn, Al Berzinis (newcomer), Jim R, Linda & Peter, Barbara, Mary, Joy and Mark

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