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Moreau Lake State Park ~ Dec 8, 2011

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

After two gloomy, rainy days, the weather provided a little snow and some sunshine for our assault on the Palmerton Range at Moreau State Park. Fourteen of us enjoyed the 5 1/2 mile hike along the blue, white, orange and yellow trails, under snow-covered conifers, past full streams, and along lichen-covered boulders. We ate lunch at an overlook facing the Hudson River, took some pictures, then returned to the cars with a detour to another overlook. This was the first time that several of the hikers had been on this route. We welcome Judy and Karen to our group, and were happy to hike with several others who have been absent for awhile. Attendees were: Karen B., Karen B., Cindy, Liz, Fran, Joanne, Judy, Don, Ken, Eric, Kurt, Ray, Lenore and Jack.

Lenore and Jack Reber

6 photos

We climb the hill.

Happy HIkers

Through the snow-covered hemlocks.

Jack's arty shot

Our last stream crossing

Lunch Lookout

Viewing 18 of 21 - 2011


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