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Chase Lake ~ Dec 6, 2012

Journal entry by Karen Burke

The weather today for our hike to Chase Lake was a hike leader’s dream – sunny and windless and perfect temperature. I was celebrating my one year anniversary as a Cane – this week last December was my first Canes Hike. Being with the Canes has changed my life, in a very positive way. My thanks to all who joined me today – Leon, Fran, Gail, Bill, Tom, Ken, Katy, Joanne, Jim, Lenore, Claire, Peter and Linda. It was a great day.
I met most of the hikers at the Visitor’s Center and led the way up the back route to Pinnacle Road. We were right on time and joined Peter and Linda at the trailhead. The fourteen of us started out just before 11 am. There were some stream crossings, some of them a little daunting but we got through and no one fell in. The trail was luckily easy to follow, since talking and watching for trail markers took a lot of brain power for me, as leader.
At the lake, we decided to eat lunch on the shore – no need for the shelter of the lean-to today. There were lots of rocks and logs (and a boat) to sit on and we lingered, enjoying the sunshine. Cookies and pumpkin bread were shared. Jim brought Peter’s lunch – as required!
The walk back was leisurely but too soon over. But I think we’ll be back some day to Chase Lake.

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where is Claire?

Starting out

stream crossing

Gotcha - rare photo of Peter!

Day Dream Time - by Jim

Lake Side - by Jim

Saint and ADKWonderer - by Jim

Into the woods! - by ken

On the trail with Fran and Gail. - by ken

Stream crossing...Fran, Joanne, Lenore, and Leon. - by ken

Chase Lake hike leader...Karen Burke. - by ken

December sun sparkles through the forest. - by ken

Another glistening stream to cross. - by ken

At the start - I found Claire! - by Wanderer

Perseverance! - by Wanderer

Needle Ice - by Wanderer

Hey - Would someone please help the blind guy. - by Wanderer

One of Santa's Elves - by Wanderer

Lunch at Chase Lake - by Wanderer

First Ice - by Wanderer

New Leanto - by Wanderer

Will this become a Kodak moment? - by Wanderer

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