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Lake Ann Hike ~ Nov 21, 2013

Journal entry by Wanderer

Hikes in Moreau Lake State Park always seem to draw a good crowd but I never imagined that the Lake Ann hike would generate so much interest - 31 attendees! Arriving at the Park's entrance a little late I couldn't believe all the cars parked on the shoulder and realized that I had made a big mistake not having everyone meet in the parking lot. I quickly had everyone decide on the carpooling arrangements and have the rest park in the lot. With only a slight delay, we were on our way for the short drive to the spring trailhead. Finding others had driven directly to the trailhead wasn't a concern because the parking is good and we could have used the boat launch lot if needed. With this many hikers I thought we got underway rather quickly despite feeling like it was more like herding cats than actually being in control. That was ok because the Crooked Canes has many people that can take over in a pinch - maybe they will show up next time. I had called the main office to see if construction had halted on the new power line and they assured me that they had. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the heavy equipment operators. I think the guy at the trail crossing was too surprised to see a battalion of hikers approach him to do much of anything but tell us to enjoy the day. Up we went. The trail does gain a bit of elevation in the first half a mile and then is relatively flat (compared to hiking in the Alps maybe) but this is a matter of perception. Of course Joanne took exception to me calling this a flat hike but Linda quickly came to my defense and told Joanne that she should never believe anything I say about details of a route - Pete lies! I guess she told her. After setting things straight we got back to enjoying a super nice woods walk to the lean-to at Lake Ann where we had a long lunch - a bit cool, but lots of sun and blue skies to keep the spirits high. There was some discussion about following a new trail back to the cars or at least back to the main trail but I thought it better to stay with the original plans and retrace our steps to the eastern ridge trail and then take the crossover trail to the western ridge trail and check out a couple of the overlooks. Besides, the new trail is a work-in-progress, not marked and the flags may be missing. As always on a woods walk there is much visiting and today was no exception and laughter could be heard along the endless stream of hikers - that's what it is all about. Taking a short break to regroup at the trail crossings we finally zigged and zagged our way to the western ridge trail and made our way to the overlooks. For some, this was their first time to this part of the park and the views didn't disappoint. While it was mostly cloudy, there was enough blue sky peeking thru to add some color. Great day to share with good friends! Peter 12/22/13 - Ken Gericke added 3 photos.

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Most of the group

Lunch at the Lean-to -- Karen has to learn to smile

She learns fast!

Private Dining - (L to R) - Beth, Cindy, Maria and Margie

Lake Ann - First Ice

A walk in the woods

Hi Bob!

Spier Falls Dam and View Looking West

At the 1st Overlook

Headed Down and Out

Porcupine Art

Nature's Mill Stone

Riverbend Overlook

Dale, Tom and Bob

Pretty Fungus - help me out with an ID

Claire - how do you get those pants off and what's up with the banana peel?

Beeches, birches, boulders, and backpackers. - added by Ken

Kirk savoring a moment. - added by Ken

Caution, thin ice. - added by Ken

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