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Moxham Mountain Hike ~ Dec 4, 2014

Journal entry by Diane and Kurt

The Crooked Canes' fourth ascent of Moxham Mountain via its six-ish mile round trip trail was every bit as good as the three preceding it. Twenty two ready-to-go Canes, a number of them on their first trip to this now widely known and highly favored trail, enjoyed a perfect day there with seasonable below freezing temperatures and just enough snow to suggest that winter, though unofficially, was upon us. Winter's flexing its muscles on the unplowed last two tenths of a mile to the trail head provided some folks their first opportunity of the season to say "Nah, I'm not going to drive on that." Accompanied by varying measures of clouds and sun with little wind, snow squalls in the distance played over the landscape all day, giving us constantly changing views of this mountain's now familiar surroundings marked by mountains, forest, fields marshes and ponds. As it was last year, this year's December hike was equally enjoyable for those who had boots and traction devices or for those with snowshoes. A fine day, a fine hike, fine company, fine cookies (thanks Jo Ellen!) and fine chocolates (thanks Diane and Peter!) were enjoyed by Lenore, Jack, Donna, Pete, Linda, Peter, Jan, Jim, Diane, Kurt, Denis, Katie, two Rays (numbers two and three, according to Katie), Barbara, Jo Ellen, Claire, Mike, Lynn, Margie, Liz and another Jim (no number assigned). 12/17/14 - Wanderer . added 15 photos.

17 photos

The majority of us at the summit of Moxham

Somebody with rough hands touched this tree!

Almost ready - added by Wanderer

Always remember - spikes down! - added by Wanderer

Come and get it Jack - added by Wanderer

I told Jim that wool shrinks - added by Wanderer

Nice rest stop - added by Wanderer

Our destination - added by Wanderer

Even mittens need to rest - added by Wanderer

Lunch perch - added by Wanderer

All smiles - added by Wanderer

Looking towards Barton Mines - added by Wanderer

View WNW - added by Wanderer

Hunkered down for lunch - added by Wanderer

Cairn decorated erratic - added by Wanderer

Gore Mt surrounded by clouds - added by Wanderer

AAH! - added by Wanderer

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