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Amy' Park Pond Loop ~ Dec 14, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Seven Canes, seeking a new woodland adventure, hiked around North and South Ponds, north of Bolton, a Lake George Land Conservancy Parcel. As we began, we were happy for the snow flurry, which added a  layer of crystalline sequins to three inches of fluffy snow, especially remembering the dearth of snow last year. We hiked through old and young hemlock groves, open woods and alongside the ponds. The trail narrowed and opened, meandered up and down, crossed streams and was crossed by many tracks. Beaver activity was very evident. We were back at the cars after a lovely four and a half mile walk. The group decided to save Godwin Preserve for another day. Thank you to Katy, Ray, Rich, Ed, Bonnie and Lori for joining me on this first winter walk, filling the woods with laughter and friendship.

12/17/16 - RayB Bouchard added 7 photos.

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Woodland critters

Big boulder or little people?

Ray, are you looking at tracks with binoculars?

Lunch alongside a burbling stream.

Lunch with a view.

Bonnie tossing Ray off the bridge while Rich considers lending a hand (to whom?).

Best bridge downstream from a sturdy beaver dam.

Beaver dam which forced LGLC to reroute trail.

Location, location....

Ray, sharpening his teeth beaver style, to keep up with the sharp wit of his fellow hikers.

Rich examining recent beaver gnawing and high water from their dam.

Overlook perfect for a summer picnic.

It was quite a sight, though try as she might, the tree won the fight. - added by RayB

Beavers: 1 Lenore: 0 - added by RayB

Preparing to make the final trek to the cars. - added by RayB

The first of a series of scenes taken along the way. - added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

...fini - added by RayB

Viewing 76 of 79 - 2016


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