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Schaefer Trail Hike ~ Nov 30, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Arriving at CTL (a little late, thanks to my husband), I couldn't believe the number of people already there. That we would meet more on the way to North Creek and at the trail head meant this was going to be a very well attended outing that ended up being a beautiful four and a quarter mile hike on a sunny day with 29 Crooked Canes and a memorable note on which to say adios to November.

At the Schaeffer Trail parking area, we received a 21 gun salute...from snow guns piling it up on Gore's new cross country trails at the historic North Creek Ski Bowl. Our group photo was probably the first one ever taken of Crooked Canes either wanting away from the noise and out of the falling manmade snow or with visions of skiing EVERY DAY dancing in their heads. Very soon, we trudged off into the forest, traveling a quarter mile before it was quiet enough that chatter overcame the sound of spraying water and compressed air.

Along the lower section of trail we've taken to the North Creek Reservoir a number of times before, we crossed more than several XC ski and mountain bike trails eliciting "Hmmm, got to keep this in mind" comments from quite a few folks. Soon the "as we remembered it" trail was under our feet as we passed the Transfer Station (aka Shopping Center) and a rock ledge where we found that a geocache Liz Gee discovered on a snowshoe we did on January 17, 2013 was still there. Soon we were hiking above aptly named Roaring Brook which we followed to the North Creek Reservoir, occasionally coming to places where we could more closely observe why the name "Roaring" really means "roaring." Icy winter decor added to always beautiful, inviting (and intimidating in places) scene while the absence of black flies, horse flies, deer flies, ticks and skeeters was appreciated.

For the majority, a luncheon backdrop was the North Creek Reservoir, now a Gore Mountain snowmaking water supply, Burnt Ridge and the summit of Gore. A few opted for the summit of the Ski Bowl's Hudson Chair with its views of North Creek and the Hudson River. For both, it was a nice leisurely interlude in the sun on a perfect and final day of November.

The Reservoir group headed off, now downhill, along a back country ski trail to Rabbit Pond to audit its current and ever changing state of beaverness-or-not. The beavers had eaten everything within a practical distance of the pond and moved on, the now unmaintained short dam having deteriorated a bit lowering the water level a couple of feet. Following a short bushwhack (and flushing five partridge) to the top of the Ski Bowl we found those who'd opted for lunch there had departed and we continued on, down a ski trail where, at the bottom, we met a jubilant threesome of Canes who, after enough waiting for the rest of us at the summit, had followed the quite steep lift line to the bottom, one delighted in visiting a place where "I haven't been since 1956!"

The day having warmed, snow guns didn't give us a deserved salute upon our return, but we all left feeling good after a very nice day which wouldn't have been quite as much fun without any one of those who came along.

12/2/17 - Sandy Powell added 1 photo. 12/3/17 - Barbara Zuccaro added 2 photos. 12/6/17 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

20 photos

With snow guns in the background, here we are, more or less L to R: Sandy, Pete, Dennis, Mary & Jeff (Welcome!), Donna, Kendra, Shelly, Jim, Gail, Glenn, Rich, Bonnie, Scott, Linda, Katie, two Carolyns, Fran, Barb, Diane, smiley Peter, Barb, two Bobs, Mark, Joy, and Ray.

Early season ice on Roaring Brook

Photo by Diane

Anyone up for "Bobs-On-The-Rocks" ???

Lenore! Look at all the beaver sticks! Jack, start running NOW!

In red, today's route.

Photo added by Sandy

Photo added by Sandy

Rabbit Pond - added by Sandy

Credit must be given to those who have participated in development at the North Creek Ski Bowl as this venerable old Eastern White Pine, very important to the residents of North Creek, has survived unscathed through decades of construction activity in close proximity to it. Why it's called the C-Tree might forever remain a mystery. Or not... - added by Sandy

Photo added by Barbara

A message found near our parked cars by those that headed out early! - added by Barbara

Making snow at the Ski Bowl - added by Wanderer

"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature" - but it is pretty! - added by Wanderer

Receiving a bit of history and plans for the day from Kurt - added by Wanderer

Roaring Brook wasn't roaring but it is wild looking - added by Wanderer

Time for lunch and visiting in the sun - added by Wanderer

Re-group at Rabbit Pond and the start of the bushwhack - added by Wanderer

View of downtown North Creek and beyond - added by Wanderer

The slopes were crowded today - imaginary skiing on imaginary snow! - added by Wanderer

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