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A-TEAM! On Northwest Bay ~ Jun 29, 2018

Journal entry by Ghostwriter For The Commodore, Sir Thomas

What a great day, what a relaxed paddle and what good company! Northwest Bay was once again more than expected with abundant wildlife (most of which was appreciated) sunny sky and a light breeze from the south. Meeting at DEC's put in, we quickly headed downstream toward the lake, everyone catching up on "stuff" since we'd last seen one another. Finally on the lake, we headed in the direction of Montcalm Point, exploring every nook and cranny of the shoreline. As I mentioned, most wildlife spotted was very much appreciated. When Sharon said she saw a snake, all eyes turned toward Kurt. Lucky for him, Sharon explained that it was not the beady-eyed, old, stumpy, fat snake in a boat, rather the slender, young, non-venomous fine looking specimen swimming under the surface near the shore.

A little while later, as the little hand on the clock approached noon, the Commodore decided far enough was far enough and turned back toward the picnic locations astern. Seven stomachs growled their approval. Soon, six landed at a spacious open area with a log and stone seating area and a somewhat elevated view of the lake. Two headed back toward the put in and off on other adventures. We thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely lunch and for the third week in a row I was able to finish my tea! No bugs bugged us but there was an ever present danger of losing my chocolate to an aforementioned beady-eyed snake.

Back in the water, we made our way back to the put in as stealthy a no-one-in-any-hurry-to-get-there mode as we could muster, hoping for a few more wildlife sightings. There will be pictures of at least one critter spotted, possibly two, the second being an eagle soaring over the Tongue Mountain Range. It was likely eyeballing the beady-eyed one, but proved its intelligence when it decided to leave in search of something better.

Thanks for scheduling and leading this outing, Commodore Tom (aka The Tommodore). And thanks for making it a special day to Susie, Sharon, Linda & Peter, Cathy, Diane & Kurt. Additionally, Jim I. made a cameo appearance at the put in while in route to somewhere else. Jim, we were glad to see you sounding and looking so fit!

7/6/18 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

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"I know you can't see me, but I can see and hear YOU!"

This guy was really quite large, his shell 8-ish inches across.

A final wildlife spotting on the way to the take out.

Mom, Dad and the two kids out for a swim and enjoying a nice view of the lake and mountains. Their two dogs are on shore guarding the stroller while their cat keeps an eye on the dogs. And that's the way it should be. Biologists estimate that over a fifteen week period, this family of four will consume a half ton of fish.

Cathy, hidden behind a branch, receive's Tom's encouragement to run the falls. "Hey, if I did it, you sure can!"

Fancy Feathers relaxing in a cove.

A-Team! on NW Bay Brook, headed for the lake - added by Wanderer

Pay attention Linda – Peter told you to “paddle left” - added by Wanderer

Diane & Cathy - added by Wanderer

Sir Thomas - added by Wanderer

Some herons like the water – this one enjoys being on land - added by Wanderer

There were an abundance of lily-pads in every bay - added by Wanderer

Just a rotting log with a mini eco-system on it - added by Wanderer

A nice day to be on the water – Tom, Cathy Diane, Kurt - added by Wanderer

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